The Next Decade in Gaming

The last decade has been filled with incredible innovations and quirky gimmicks, some of which will remain commonplace within electronic products for many years to come. This past decade has seen the birth of downloadable content, of digital distribution, of dual screen handhelds, of touch screens and gesture based gaming. This is the decade that pioneered streamed game play onto any system around the World, negating the need for system specs. This is the decade of motion capture and placing yourself within the game. This is the decade where consoles explored online modes and subscription-based gaming. From 2000 to 2009 we have this to be grateful for and so much more.

Ray Willmott of This Is My Joystick takes a look at digital distribution, downloadable content, touch screen and motion sensitive technology and a few more compliments to gaming.

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alphakennybody3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Check out this ad I picked up from the future

LaurieTLC3183d ago

Really enjoyed this article. I like how you talk about what is current and give a fair assessment of what is to come. One thing you did miss out was 3D gaming because within days of you writing this they announced the 3DS! All in all, good work, though. :)

zerocool33973183d ago

It always does make you wonder what they will do next. Holographic gaming maybe? I'm sure someone somewhere is attempting it, they usually are. I blame Star Trek