First Tekken 6 Gameplay Footage

Tekken 6 location testing has begun in two arcades in Japan (shown in attached images)...and with this are the very first videos of Tekken 6 VS matches.

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vidoardes3879d ago

Gameplay looks exactally the same as the last 3 games... nver have been impressed with the Tekken sequals, same game, prettier graphics

Also Known As3879d ago

This is the worst of the BIG 5 fighting games, its not as realistic as VF and if you're into fantasy there are far better choices, I.E. Soul Calibur and Mortal Combat.

VF and Soul Calibur = The 2 best
Dead or Alive = second
Mortal Combat: never played it but the premise looks more interesting than this dullfest called tekken

techie3879d ago

Owning Tekken 5 - I can tell you the graphics really do not look like this - even in this grainy footage. Not overly impressive though.

Omegasyde3878d ago

The ground damage. Potholes, craters, WTF.

If the system can only handle 2 potholes at a time per character, why have them? Cheap pointless effect.

As a Tekken Fan I see no inovation yet (from video gameplay so far) and I hope Namco doesn't do what EA did with Madden 07 on next gen consoles.
*Last Madden was horrible but sold well because it was the first madden to hit the 360 and ps3.... I hope Namco doesn't just spice up the graphics and add 2 characters..

The characters are cool though.

nomad1173879d ago

HEY LOOK AT MY NEW AVATAE borat voice: very niiiiiiccceee

Babylonian3879d ago

I can't see the vid right now (am at work this moment) but I can assure you that every Tekken is different. You don't know what your talking about LostProphet. Every Tekken game has a different dynamic in it. It's not totally different but it is different nonetheless.

timmyp533879d ago

but alot of environment effects are going on. looks nice shadowing,water , backgrounds and stuff... but this is arcade .. everyone wants to see ps3 version.

Kaneda3879d ago

I think I heard reports long time ago Namco and Sony used the same PS3 architecture for the the graphic should be almost exact when it comes out for PS3...

Keyser3879d ago

Why doesn't it splash more when they land in the water? I'm sure it'll look good but there was nothing impressive about that to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.