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"To get an understanding of Metro 2033 you'll need to know the general synopsis: It's a post-apocalyptic game set in the metro system of Moscow, Russia in 2033 (go figure). A nuclear war broke out approximately 20 years ago and you, as a child, were on the surface (read: not in the subway) for only your first few months of birth. The game starts off with a foreshadow scene that you will later come back to. You play as Artyom, and through that opening scene, about 25 minutes in length, your journey begins. "

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AridSpider3188d ago

very mixed scores for this game

Blaze9293188d ago

game wasn't that great in my opinion. And I was freakin' pumped for this title so it hit me real hard how disappointed I was.

AridSpider3188d ago

ha yeah that's why I don't get my hopes up for a lot of games this gen anymore.

Lionhead3188d ago

Yeah man, I was incredibly hyped for this game.

Kinda fell flat on its face for me. The first few hours you really take in the atmosphere and are pretty engaged in it, but some of the gameplay mechanics are pretty meh.

Loses the slight scare factor it had as well.

Still decent though

Redrum0593188d ago

way to hype a game up only because its exclusive, i knew the game wasnt gonna be that good. a couple of the main things i look into a game before its released (developers, timeframe of spotlight before game is released). for me to have baught this game, it would have to be a good devteam and the game has to be put in the spotlight way before its release( such as Haloreach which everyone was able look into and read about it since last years E3). if i read hideo kojima were making metro2033 and confirmed, i wouldv baught this game in a heartbeat.

Inside_out3188d ago

THQ always on a budget, great concepts, not so great excution...STILL...Reading this guys review, I thought it sounded good THEN...BAM...6.7...LMAO...stil l gonna rent it...

MagicAccent3188d ago

I for one haven't enjoyed a game this much in a long time.
It may not be your 'extremely average FPS fanatic's cup o' tea, but then again, if it was, I wouldn't have liked either.

Also, just because every single character in the game isn't voiced by Nolan North or John DiMaggio doesn't automatically make the voice acting bad, children.

rawd3188d ago

Metroooooooooooooooooooooooo 200FLOPPO

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tokoshix3188d ago

Nice review. Still debating on whether or not I want to get this game. Looks unique, but not hearing many good things on gameplay.

Blaze9293188d ago

I'd say wait till you find it for $29.99 and under - and it won't be long until that. For $60? hell no. Definitely rent too if you have that option

ProA0073188d ago

definitely rent from what I played so far. Unless it magically gets better it's so far booooooooooring.

JasonXE3188d ago

I'll take your advice and do so

monkey nuts3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I gather you haven't got Darksiders then? It was in the same boat as Metro, new relatively unheard of dev team, absolutely no hype and it was published by THQ. Where it differs from this game though is that its actually a solid 8.5/10. It felt to me like an old skool Zelda with a darker theme and some of the best voice acting in a multiplatform release to date imo.
I'll probably pick metro up if/ when it can be had for around £10 to £20, each to his own and all that.

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ProA0073188d ago

Played a few minutes of this game - not impressed so far

AridSpider3188d ago

the beginning is boring. Gets a bit better as you go...then boring again.

JasonXE3188d ago

funny...was just thinking on picking this up this weekend. Not so much anymore

i3eyond the Circle3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Game sucks. Don't buy it.

It was good at first, being under the impression that the game picks up.

It doesn't it's the same lifeless grind, ugly characters, imbalanced shooting, weak story, bad voice acting for about 10hours.

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