VGR: Resonance of Fate is "a must-have for hardcore RPG nuts"

VGR: "Resonance of Fate has some great ideas that I hope will be implemented into other RPGs. However, the level of difficulty and complex nature of combat will be off-putting to quite a few gamers. It's a must-have for hardcore RPG nuts that have had enough of FF XIII, but for the rest I would suggest to try before you buy."

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Raoh3161d ago

loved the demo, played the japanese demo...

only reason i haven't bought it because i have a backlog of games.. but i hope to buy this game next month

jut4203161d ago

I know what you mean man, I have so many games I have yet to complete and I just bought Yakuza 3 (haven't even started it yet) and I really didn't have the money to get this game, but I keep hearing really good things about the game and how there are limited copies of this game everywhere, so when I finally saw it at a local Gamestop I had to pick it up, in case I never saw the game again.

nefertis3161d ago

@jut420 im glad u did get a copy , four of my local gamestops didn't have any left, the fifth one had two copies left guess who luck up on one :-) Playb3yond @Raoh I hope u find a copy dude.

DigitalAnalog3161d ago

What a total disrespect to the "hardcore" playing gamers out there. Do we want all games to hold our hand all the way?

-End statement