Gears of War Sonic Melee - Epic shooter scores with an equally epic soundtrack

Gears of War was clearly one of the standout titles of last year's holiday season. While the eye-searing graphics may have been the biggest draw, gamers found themselves treated to equally brilliant sound design, tight, visceral gameplay, and a compelling world to claw their way through. Tying all the elements together was the dynamic musical score by Kevin Riepl - a score that will finally see a commercial release on July 31st.

"The soundtrack CD was always something we wanted to do for Gears," Riepl told IGN recently. "It was put on the back burner for a bit until the game was released, but soon thereafter we started getting the ball rolling in finding the right distributor, mastering house, and a lot of legal issues that needed to be addressed when dealing with a soundtrack CD release."

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ALI G4028d ago

be the first to buy it. if the price is reasonable

iNcRiMiNaTi4028d ago

finally i can annoy my friend with the cole train song when u finish the game, ill play it over and over again and blast the stereo.......

"Whoo! bring it on sucka, this is my kinda sh*t!" over...and over....and over

kewlkat0074028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

collector of VG music, and this one will be coming to me as well. This is still one of the best games, I have played. I love playing this game on Hard-Core with co-op. It has not gotten boring. I can't wait for GOW 2.

Does anybody knows if it has the Start menu tune>?
That tone really sets the mood, almost like before opening the door to the gates of hell..hehe

I'm a geek like that..hehe, I like music that sets the mood. Also, anybody wants to trade VG music.OC remixes, IM me.

kewlkat0074028d ago

whenever I think of Gears, it was the first game I bought with the 360, that tune comes to mind. Whats the name of it? on the soundtrack?