Brand New APB Gameplay Footage & Commentary

APB stands for "All Points Bulletin" and is currently on it's way to the PC. There has been talk about it being under development for the Xbox 360, but not much. We will seek out the information and let you all know if that's true. APB is panning out to look like a very fun and open ended game with huge potential. If it does make its way to the consoles, then with the right promotion it could become a pretty big title.

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red2tango3188d ago

This game is just incredible. I wish I got into the beta.

dangert123188d ago

it dows look good kind off remined me of 187 ride or wxcept you can walk n its not a race

evrfighter3188d ago

I had a friend that got into the beta and was watching him play

I was pretty impressed by what I saw. This game was made to be played with friends. It's a day one buy for us for sure.

ProjectVulcan3187d ago

I been in the beta since day one early on and its not that amazing for me. It has improved quite a lot since then, there are lots of updates. But not improved as much as i would have hoped if im honest.

BobJones49803187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Vulcan is exactly right this game is great for the first few hours, then you realize that its just the same quest over and over and over.

Customization is great, but to be honest the gameplay isnt even good, its actually pretty boring, they need much more to do and im hoping the chaos servers there gonna have help this boredom dissapear.

Oh btw the customized cars and symbols on the clothes dont look that clear, there all pixelated and doesnt look anything like they do in that video and im on the highest settings. not to mention they show all these cars blowing up because that the only way to kill someone in a car, cause all the windows are indestructible.

In my honest opinion if you wanna play something like this, download SA multiplayer mod and join crazybobs cops and robbers server alot funner and alot more things to do.

jamesgtaiv3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Ive been looking into the MMO genre for quite some time now, APB in particular, but two things have always kept me from taking the step: Uncertainty and not being able to find the right genre of my taste. Seeing as this is kind of a "gangsta" saints row/gta type deal, its really welcoming me with open arms. As for uncertainty, I mean the Developers and publishers. A lot of MMOs that Ive looked at are handled by publishers and Devs that Ive either never heard of or dont know much about. Seeing as EA is taking a step in this direction (not that theyre the best corp.), I might take the first leap with them.
Ill wait for reviews from players though, before I go taking my PC to the fire station so I can play it on double shifts. Look forward to seeing how this works out. Makes me glad I never bought Crime Craft, lol.

@Above: Its still in beta. So, Ill still give it a chance. Its a massive game theyre working on there.

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003188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

APB as so much potential, first day buy for me. going to kill some criminal scum

wwm0nkey3188d ago

Great game right there :D

wwm0nkey3188d ago

Why did someone disagree with everyone that posted?

MerkinMax3188d ago

Or they're just fanboys-yeah, probably fanboys.

NnT32913187d ago

Because this game is also on Xbox360

Rock Bottom3187d ago

Or maybe someone disagree because he just disagree.

I didn't hit the disagree button yet, but I haven't seen anything in that video that would warrant the word "great".
Cities are empty, game-play looks shallow, though customization looks nice, it's not enough to make the game "great".

As for fanboys with simple brains, who think people can't use the disagree button unless they are fanboys... grow up.

wwm0nkey3187d ago

Why do people also think this is on the 360?

jamesgtaiv3186d ago

thats hilarious. I guess you saying the game was awesome was the final straw for the console fanboys. lmao. Enjoy your power over the console minded my lord.

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tdrules3188d ago

it's a fun game to play.
I just hope it has depth and doesn't go the way of Champions Online

Bereaver3188d ago

Screenshot or you didn't play.

NegativeCreepWA3188d ago

Im in the beta it lacks depth, but its a lot fun.

tdrules3187d ago

Well there's not a chance that I would breach the Non Disclosure Agreement to prove I'm in the beta. So you can either believe I'm in it or you can go cry in a corner

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MajestieBeast3188d ago

I played it and its nowhere near rdy for release it has the makings of a great game but it needs alot of polish. Cant talk details seeing as im bound to a NDA.

darkgunner3187d ago

I agree completely.
It feels really weird, kinda like they've sacrificed stuff so it can be an MMO.

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