G4TV: Monster Hunter Tri La Brea Tar Pits Event

Capcom lovingly threw an awesome press event/bbq right outside G4TV's Los Angeles offices and had Capcom Community Specialist Shawn Baxter to give them the low-down on Monster Hunter Tri.

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matey3185d ago

sound like 1 of the biggest games ever and the online will be bigger than most games will ever be the power of the wii allows us to do graphics way beyond what we could do normally and capcom have said big event size games from now on on the wii

ChickeyCantor3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

You dont say I or They/Them/Capcom.

You work for Capcom to promote it so you say " We ".
When you have meetings with other companies you dont say " I " or "They"(being the one you work for) either.

PinkUni3184d ago

im just so used to seeing developer interviews, where its actually THEM working on the game and ajusting the games infront of the video that its weird when a person like that says us.

and it also kind of bothers me that they couldn't get an asian american guy to do this interiew. as though they want to make the game appear as if it were made by whites.

Honky Kong3185d ago

i hope wii speak and free online comes out in Japan...

Enate3185d ago

I still don't understand why you would put an online heavy game on the console with the weakest online. I mean to me the PS3 seemed like the obvious choice for a Monster Hunter game. Between the Japanese and American Fanbase that is already on the PS3 plus the strong and free online and having the ability bring the game out in what could of been its HD debut.

Gr813185d ago

PS3 has a hard time selling software.