Splinter Cell Conviction Director: We Need to Stop Making 'Super Hardcore' Games

IndustryGamers recently conducted an in-depth interview with Splinter Cell Conviction creative director Max Beland about the evolution of the franchise and Sam Fisher and what he's doing differently with this fifth iteration of the popular stealth series. One thing that's of critical importance not only to Splinter Cell, but all games, is the accessibility factor. Beland argues that games today are often made too much with the hardcore in mind.

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morganfell3132d ago

Trophies for kids that finish last and now this.

Army_of_Darkness3132d ago

"Beland argues that games today are often made too much with the hardcore in mind."

go make your games for the wii. I don't really see any hardcore gamers around that console expecting something difficult to play.

lzim3132d ago

they are called 'achievements'

meanwhile, keep the hardcore games coming if the alternative is called Natal.

anti-fanboy3132d ago

Yea lets bubble-wrap the games we play so nobody will get hurt by them if they are "too HARDCORE" for the people who are going to buy one maybe two games a year just to satisfy their curiosity. Because I love every single Wii title out there................ NOT! I know a good bit of the "casual gamers" and they buy maybe 2-4 games a year and here we are buy 1-2 games a month or at least playing (rent, trade) that many. I think I may have just decided to not purchase Splinter Cell: Conviction instead I will be buying Dance Sensation! for the Wii. So

erathaol3132d ago

Splinter Cell grew from hardcore fans who wanted more than just Metal Gear Solid/Thief stealth. Splinter Cell created a more complex area for people to actively think about what your going to next and how you should accomplish it. Its not a game based off running in blasting everyone away and having fun. Its a game about being cold and calculating your next move.

When you stop making games with the hardcore in mind you begin to cheapen their worth. Don't sacrifice your fans just for sales because you'll end up sacrificing the only people that really care about what your doing.

morganfell3132d ago

The thing is that MGS3 and MGS4 were the games - especially MGS4 - that really let you play the game the way you want. Stealth, Action, 1st person, 3rd person. etc etc.

Bereaver3132d ago

LOL, did he even play older games like Faxanadu, MegaMan, or even the original SMB?

Jeeze.... well, with the making of Conviction, they threw "hardcore" completely out the window.

Redrum0593132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

they want less hardcore because if everyone else continues to do hardcore, then soon they will get passed up and left behind. they clearly tried too hard by taking out much stealth element and inserted more(press A to kill all four guys at once) a truely skilled dev wouldv made the game very appealing and hardcore yet still keep the stealth element at high.

Army_of_Darkness3132d ago

I cleared more games this gen(ps3) then I ever did from the previous gens(ps2/ps1)...
so ummm... I don't need games to get any easier.

OmegaSlayer3132d ago

My impression is that Ubisoft should start to release less awkward games.
Before buying Assassin's Creed on the PS3, I only played some demos of the 3 PoP on PS2.
They were clunky, they weren't fluid as you expected, neither in animations nor in controls.
Then it came AC, and Ubisoft quite delivered on animations, still the controls are awkward and not quickly responsive.
The cell shaded PoP instead was too easy, since you could connect a platforming passage pressing the next button even 2 seconds earlier.

Now, the vids that I've seen of SC and the new PoP still give me this feeling of clunkyness and unresponsiveness, and some users comments strengthens my position.

Games like SC or PoP need to be hard, but not finger twisting, they have to be absolutely responsive instead.

Do super hardcore games dear Ubisoft, but don't make them harder with lame controls.

jetlian3132d ago

believe this. but morganfell i agree with your 1st post.

Inside_out3130d ago

The Nintendo wii has pushed the casual gamer market to the front...Microsoft is chasing that dream right now with natal...look at the wii fit...outsold KZ and UC combined...sad really...

Many games are already dumbed down...UC2 the worse example...terrible gun play and platforming...Now, they claim it's one of the best ever...LMFAO...Game's have become all cut scenes and RTE's...more so on the PS3.....Won't even mention the wii, worst graphics ever, worse than last gen...

nycredude3130d ago

My excitement for this game wanes with every bit of news that leaks.

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Gradient3132d ago

After playing the demo, what you need to do is start making good games.

Inside_out3130d ago

Having play the demo many times and trying to duplicate the developers walk through example, it's clear this game will be amazing with incredible replay value...Playing on a big screen with a nice sound system really adds to the whole experience...

Judging a 8-10 hr game on a 10-15 minute TUTORIAL video is plain stupidity...When reading the specs for the PC vs the 360 I thought as many did, that the 360 got the short end of the stick and still feel Ubisoft could of done more in terms of using an updated game engine like Unreal3 over Ureal2.5...Reguardless, this game impresses on the big screen...Incredible lighting, shadows and amazing atmosphere...Sam Fishers movements and the smooth controls will impress you...Because the demo is a TUTORIAL ( hello haters ), everything is mapped out for you so as to TEACH you the game play mechanics before the game come out....Plain and simple...Obviously, not simple enough for some, have to dumb it down some more...calling it a DEMO not enough...LMFAO....

Check out Ubisofts demo walk through...One is stealth and one is assault...I find it hard to believe that if you try to duplicate their play through, you will not be impress...It's available on Gamersyde website in excellent quality....Also, check out some of the developers vids on the decisions they made and why...These guys/gals worked extremely hard on this game and believe me, know every pixel on this game and all previous Splinter Cells...If you liked the series you owe it to yourself to at least here what the developers have to say.....Can't wait myself...See you on line in mid-April....

Doletskaya3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

And they actually want their games to appeal to those lame-ass journalists instead of real gamers?? *facepalm*

AngryFork3132d ago

No wonder Conviction is such a train wreck. They added everything that's casual from all popular games this-gen and then hold your hand through everything.

TIP TO DEVELOPERS: When you alienate the fans who always supported your older works, you don't get them back, and mainstream casual fans are VERY fickle, they flock to whatever is hot at the moment.

So if your game doesn't get buzz mainstream-wise, it's gonna be the hardcore that have to bail you out and buy the game, and we're not going to do that when you forget about us. You CAN have both, stop being lazy and taking a dump on the hardcore just because you're not smart/talented enough to be able to have BOTH a hardcore game AND accessibility.

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