Ubisoft: Conviction not coming to PS3, maybe next game will

VGArabia: Ubisoft said it before and now, Max Beland the creative director of Splinter Cell: Conviction has reconfirmed it once again: Splinter Cell: Conviction isn't coming to the PS3.

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Michael Myers3185d ago

the demo was terrible and looks like the game will suck as well. they need to make the new splinter cell better.

Nicholas Cage3185d ago

agreed, its not a bad game at all, its just not like the traditional splinter cell series which i think crippled this game, if they only stuck to their STEALTH elements MORE it looks like it would be better, enemy ai was cliche, predictable, the framerate was good, the graphics were good, but the gameplay compared to other splinter cells, dosent match, this splinter cell is a spin off.

darthv723185d ago

Plus the demo wasnt really that bad. Short but still fun enough to make me giddy for release. It did feel a bit like other TPS type of games like gears, batman AA and UC.

I liked it and am betting UBI will spice it up and call it something flashy to fit in on the ps3 (at some point).

Raf1k13185d ago

The co-op looks like it's got plenty of stealth and also looks like it'll be a blast to play through.

CptBach3185d ago

Well it's their loss
(their = ubisoft)

anyways splinter cell has always been a PC game for me

morganfell3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Coming to the PS3 isn't the issue and it isn't even the Creative Director's decision.

When the board of Directors looks at a game that is two years behind schedule with double the original budget and it doesn't sell like mad then they are going to demand two things.

First they are going to want a pound of flesh then they are going to want to recoup the investment...and that is just for starters.

And therein lies the rub. Splinter Cell games have never been super blockbusters. They sell okay but they do not bring down the house. The first game in the series was the only one to have truly respectable sales and that was way back last gen.

Creative Directors have no part in the big picture. I am not saying Conviction is coming to the PS3. Not at all. I am saying that Creative Directors have no say so in such decisions and money rules the day when it comes to such directions.

The more they try to out gun Kojima the further they fall behind...

AngryFork3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Don't care about Conviction after the demo proved my suspicions that they completely bastardized Splinter Cell. They changed everything and took out what made the games so great, this keeps happening to all the big franchises this-gen, I really hate it.

Check this piece of work out, it's EXACTLY what's wrong with Conviction all rolled up into one sweet gif:

ProjectVulcan3185d ago

Double agent port to PS3 was an absolute disaster, cut to shreds. Seeing as though they cant even seem to get this to run all that great on 360 and its an 'exclusive', God forbid the very idea they would then ALSO port it onto PS3 badly. Its probably better off its not coming to PS3.

Army_of_Darkness3185d ago

But after watching these videos( correct me if I'm wrong) it sort of looks like a metal gear solid for noobies. I'm mean, it looks like you have "one hit kill" auto aim and Giant billboards everywhere telling you what to do and where to go.. don't the bad guys notice all of those gigantic highlighted letters on the walls?!WTF?!

princejb1343185d ago

im not gonna lie if it did come to the ps3 i would buy it, but to bad they saying it aint
even thought im not a splinter cell fan i prefer metal gear, i would still buy it, it looks interesting

JokesOnYou3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

It doesn't matter whether or not if its coming to ps3 because of course we all know SC Conviction will suck anyway.

All that really matters to me is that I get to play Conviction on my 360 the day it launches.


edit:vvvv yeah exactly Chubear, thats yet another reason it doesn't matter just look at how any of those year late ports reception has been on ps3. lol, I guess gamers naturally think of them as old news which again explains the response they get.

Chubear3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Ubisoft: We formally announce *fanfare* Splinter Cell: Conviction Sigma for the PS3!!!

Gaming community: .. but didn't you say Splinter Cell Conviction will not be on the PS3?

Ubisoft: Why yes, we did and if you look at all the stuff we added to Splinter Cell Conviction for the PS3, it's like it's a whole other game. :D

Gaming community: ... -.-

Redrum0593185d ago

"Our lead programmer was talking about it the other day and he said that when you’re focusing only on one platform you can really fine-tune everything for that platform."

Then why the hell is the game displayed in 576p, oh, because it was focused on two machines(360/pc). besides with the quality games im getting now, why the hell would i want to play a game that would render the power of my console and and quality of my 42"tv pointless. wen i play a game i wanna be more like...

"damn, holy sh**, wow, look at the size of that titan!!!"
instead of

"....................... .. :) ... :/ ... :( ... >:( ...? "

DelbertGrady3185d ago

Not to spoil your little bash party you've got going on here but I really liked the demo.

The controls are really fluid, the graphics look great(especially the awesome lighting that SC games are known for), the settings were cool as well with multiple ways to enter the building etc.

What I also liked was that if you are detected you have a chance to escape and hide whereas in former SC games you were pretty much dead if anyone noticed you. They have taken what was great about the SC franchise and made it more accessible, which I think is awesome.

There will always be people hating though, since it's not exactly the same as the older SC games. Why not go play the older SC games if you miss them so much? Or wait for a Final Fantasy VII remake or do whatever it is you do when you don't spend you're time complaining about games that evolve.

thief3185d ago

AngryFork - that is quite a scary clip for fans of stealth games. Looks like they completely turned it into a "Bourne." They better not do the same to Deus Ex 3 or Thief 4

SkyGamer3185d ago

You are absolutely right. The creative director may have a say but that decision is not theirs to make. Just like FF13 Versus, nomura may have a say in it to voice his opinion but ultimately it will be the shareholders that will tell Wada to turn it Multi-Platform. I really see Square-Enix developing for 360/PC/ps3 as they have more exclusive games for 360/PC than any other current gen console. Wait I have 2 launch date and two falcon 360's 4 Gaming PC's that can play Crysis on med to high with over 40 frames, the good one can churn out Crysis with over 60 frames on high to very high and a launch date 60 gb grillstation3. Guess I am covered. Hacked ps3, hacked ps2, hacked DSLite, hacked Xbox, hacked psp, am I missing anything?

RageAgainstTheMShine3185d ago

as for now MGS4 is still the best!

SCThor3185d ago

is easy to read between the lines.

morganfell3185d ago

Well Sky the difference there will be the sales. Versus on the PS3 will actually outsell Splinter Cell on the 360. Also you have the PC version of SCC which will be pirated because it isn't on the PS3 and as a protest to the moronic DRM.

The other major, and I mean prominent issue is cost projection. Versus has stayed close to it's budget whereas SCC has more than doubled. 10% is the norm for allowable over runs but SCC is far and above that.

Biggest3184d ago

In the words of Swiper the Fox:


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RememberThe3573185d ago

Hiphopgamer already called this sh*t.

El_Colombiano3185d ago

Yeah Ubisoft! HipHop Gamer already guessed this!

Idle h4nds3185d ago

HHG just throws sh!t at the wall and sees what sticks.

If something does stick then you get his stupid tirades about how he was right all along. If he was wrong he won't speak of it again.

boodybandit3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

The first person that came to mind was Pachter. ;)

Ether3185d ago

"HHG just throws sh!t at the wall and sees what sticks."

Best analogy ever.

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hardcore19123185d ago

Could be The best game in The series. IT's really a shame That There is no ps3 version of The game.

Ninji3185d ago

Conviction comes nowhere close to beating Chaos Theory. On top of that, the cover mechanics in Conviction are very clunky and you can't simply switch cover like Uncharted where you just press the analog stick & a button. In Conviction you have to target cover and then move to it if you want to move from cover to cover. To me it just seems Conviction is more suited for the PC.

Anyways, Conviction will come to the PS3 with extras & fixed bugs and we all know it will happen. Just like the first Bioshock when everybody denied it & even the GTA4 DLC when everybody denied it (especially when Microsoft paid $50,000,000 for it). If those came to the PS3 then surely a series that has always been every other console will be the same with this game too (unless Sony planned to do something like make Assassin's Creed 3 a PS3 exclusive with exclusive beta access to the next Rainbow Six game).

But it really doesn't matter because much like Ghost Recon, Ubisoft has already ruined the Splinter Cell series and both Splinter Cell & Ghost Recon are mediocre franchises.

lloyd_wonder3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

" Now, are we going to see the next versions of Splinter Cell on other platforms? That I can’t answer, but there’s no reason why we wouldn’t go on other platforms. And other versions of Splinter Cell have been on multiple platforms."

All of them have been Multiplatform. So, I'd be surprised if SC:C didn't make a "jump" to the PS3. Jump out

GR8 13185d ago

Poor ps3 twats all there hopes dashed out the window. Now they have no games to look forward too except that embarrassing Dildo.

Anorexorcist3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Everybody Please...

HypermysticsonicHMSX3185d ago

pew pew pew...
go catch some balls bot