Netflix on the Wii Features Some Nice Long Load Times

Kotaku writes: The Netflix discs enabling streaming video over the Wii are already in the mail and one reader's uploaded this video, showing us what we can expect - in this case, 30 second loading times to browse the catalog.

By this video, booting up the service takes 33 seconds. After registering the device, it's another 33 to get to the video menu. You'll also notice some 10 second waits while the console downloads other categories for browsing.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3189d ago

vast majority of the Wii audience that isn't all that techie...I'm sure 33 second load times will seem like a marvel of the internet age as opposed to waiting for a Netflix disc to arrive in the mail.

qface643189d ago

wow really is that it???

fatstarr3189d ago

maybe its the initial setup?
and besides noting on the wii is like instant. it takes 10 seconds for wii points shop or w.e its called. and it just released it can always get an update and become better.

Marty83703189d ago

Wii hardware can't handle streaming properly.

Why did they bother.

tudors3189d ago

and even after that it's not perfect, and if this problem does not effect the movie itself then it's still quicker than a trip to blockbuster.