No further plans for Battlefield 1943, could see 'another type of 1943' in future

Joystiq writes: Just exhale if you've been holding your breath for any Battlefield 1943 DLC, because it seriously sounds like the sun has set on the Pacific war. Speaking with DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke at PAX East, we asked if he could finally end the hopes and dreams that its successful downloadable experiment would receive more content.

He informed us, "There's no plans. There's no plans for DLC." However, the PC version is still planned, and there is a patch incoming to address console issues, including mic problems on PS3.

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Vip3r3189d ago

Too bad the new BF games aren't like BF2. That was one of the best BF games along with 1942.

mittwaffen3189d ago

Wished they'd get DLC, kinda cheap'ed out since 15 bucks gets you three maps.

Not the best value IMO.

TheBand1t3189d ago

Battlefield Vietnam rereleased on the consoles with Frostbite engine.

Do it, Dice.