Guru3D: GeForce GTX 470 & 480 review

Finally -- today is the day that Guru3D debunks, squashes and confirms some myths. Alongside the now ancient GeForce FX series, the most discussed product series prior to release from NVIDIA ever, is being released. Yes my friends, today is the day that the first DX11 class GeForce Series 400 graphics cards sees the light -- NVIDIA has given birth to twins, and Guru3D reviews them both.

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Perkel3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

lol, nvidia failed so much with fermi.

They release a new gen almost a year after Ati and it isn't even fast or faster than 5970...

probably in 4-6 months we will see new 6xxx series from ATI and nvidia again will be inlast place.

nnotdead3183d ago

well duh. the HD5970 is a dual GPU. look at the gtx295 killing the HD5870 in DX10.

price and performance are looking really good. the problem i see is the temps and power consumption.

Perkel3183d ago

@ above

so what ? next we will compare only 1 core cpu to 1 core cpu ?

It's One card. Even if card will have 100000 cores it doesn't change subject that nvidia don't have faster card that ATI..

And if you look at benchmarks 5870 is equall or worse 10-15%...

They failed because they presented hardware that isn't up to date. As i said in few months ATI will show new 6xxx series. And nvidia will again be late.

steve30x3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

AHM You should look at a review where two FTX480's are benched against a 5970 and then run your silly mouth. Its clear that two GTX480's beat down a 5890 in benchmarks. Its unfair to look at a GTX480 and think its slower than a DUAL gpu card. The 5970 is two 5850's packed onto a single PCB so in reality comparing a GTX480 to a 5890 is comparing a GTX480 to 2x 5850's in Crossfire.

The benefit of a DUAL GPU on one PCB is those who dont have a Crossfire motherboard can use two 5850's in crossfire on just one PCI express slot. The same goes for any Dual GPU Nvidia card.

Just for reference heres a review and some truthful benchmarks on the new Fermi

JsonHenry3183d ago

Yeah, the reviews of the 480 in SLi completely smash the 5970/or 5870 CFX configs. WAY better.

However, the single card solutions seem like Nvidia really failed to wow anyone. Especially when price/power consumption/and heat are taken into account.

ProjectVulcan3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

For people in the uk price/performance is appalling.

GTX480 is on a good day it seems 10-15 percent faster than 5870 and you pay for it with heat, temps and noise. It costs 50 (yes FIFTY) percent more than a 5870 for 300 pounds in the uk. Frankly even if it were the same money as the radeons the other issues are not at all favourable and would make me think twice about buying one.

GTX470 is slower than a 5870 and costs about the same, around 300 pounds. Its also still hotter, much more power hungry and noiser. Its only marginally faster than the 5850 which goes for nearly a hundred pounds less.....

Kurylo3d3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

You know... what your paying $100 dollars more for is stuff like physics. Nvidia graphics cards do way more then ati does. Games look far better and have far more visual effects. Games like batman arkum aslyum and mirrors edge take great advantage of physx. Something ati doesnt have. Then u take into account the whole gpu 480 core processing... well lets just say 3d artist guys love that... great for video editing and rendering.

Even if i wanted an ati... i simply couldnt do it... i require the features nvidia has.

I mean what are the ati fanboys going to say when nvidia releases a dual gpu and call it 495 gtx. It will obviously dominate atis cards. But u knwo what im not lookn to spent 700-800 on a dual gpu like ati is charging and like nvidia would charge. A single gpu is fine . I mean look at those frame rates on crysis with it maxed out.. I mean really who cares at this point how much power u get unless ur doing c gpu computing like i do for stuff liek rendering... (which mostly requires nvidia cuda)

steve30x3183d ago

You do realise theres a hack available that allows ATI users with a spare NVIDIA GPU that can do Physix to do Physix.

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xg-ei8ht3183d ago

There is a dual card coming from nvidia.

Overall decent benchmarks.

GTX 470 ($349) and 480 ($499)

Lot of lolly for a gpu.

ProjectVulcan3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I wouldnt bank on that dual card coming anytime soon to beat 5970!!!

When GTX470 cant beat 5870 and uses going on 240 watts then you can forget a dual GPU board under the 300w PCIE limitation for graphics boards. Its just not possible without massively reducing the power consumption. Nvidia have no options for a dual GPU board and even if they COULD glue two 470 together it probably would not be faster than a 5970...

kwyjibo3183d ago

This is the Geforce FX2.

Charlie Demerjian is f*cking laughing his ass off - he's been right on this all along.

A 10% performance advantage over the 5870, six months late, at the cost $$$'s more, 100 extra watts of power, and a leaf blower of noise.

The reduction from 512 processor streams to 480 clearly wasn't just for yield purposes.

Congratulations! The worst thing about this, is that with the pricing, performance and availability of the Fermi cards, that it won't even force ATI to lower their prices.

steve30x3183d ago

My hoover is quieter than the GTX480. I was waiting to see what these GPU's were like but after reading the HardOCP review and after watching the videos on the review I made my mind up to buy two 5870's with a quiet cooler on it instead saving myself from going deaf , saving on electricity and saving money.

kwyjibo3183d ago

The videos are fantastic.

I don't think anyone other than HardOCP do those - they should be a regular for all reviews.

Kakkoii3183d ago

Actually the reduction to 480 is for yield purposes. The actual GPU wattage on the 480 is similar to last gens 285, although somewhat higher when pushing the card on super high load with furmark. So with the full 512 cores it would still easily fit within the 300watt max TDP.


It's less than $100 more.

In a lot of cases it's much more than just 10% more performance. Especially when you have dual-SLI. As as the drivers mature some more that performance is going to get even better.

Noise isn't a big deal. And other companies will come out with quieter fans.

If this card wasn't delayed due to poor TSMC yeilds, and actually came out back in Nov, people would creaming their pants for it.

And Charlie hasn't been right about everything haha. He has thrown SO much sh*t on the wall, and a few things merely happened to be vaguely correct. Things that anyone not rooting for Nvidia could predict happening based on spec analysis and TSMC's condition alone.

hellboy18803183d ago

Doesn't this thing use like 300W under load?

You can have a GPU and a space heater!

steve30x3183d ago

Imagine it in the summer time then. You will need an Air conditioning unit to cool the GPU and your house.

Nihilism3183d ago

250 watt


almost the same as the last 3 gens

charlie is a god damn liar

Nihilism3183d ago

I don't care what anyone says i'm buying a gtx480, I remeber the 5870 on launch, they were 10% faster than the gtx285 AT BEST, now they are 30% faster across the board, considering nvidias driver team is 100 times as good, i expect at least the same from these cards in 6 months, gonna pick up an i7-930/UD3/6gigOCS8-8-8-24 to go with it, BAM!

kwyjibo3182d ago

Good for you.

Others however, don't buy things on faith alone.


And the power usage isn't remotely near last gens, unless you're comparing a two chip solution to a single chip one.

Nihilism3182d ago

actually it is very close the gtx280 was 236watt, the gtx480 is 250 watt, almost the same

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