PlayStation Move Lets you Control the XMB Minority Report Style

Last night, the PlayStation Blog held a PAX East meet-up for anyone in the Boston area to attend. 300+ rabid PlayStation fans showed up for hands-on time with the PlayStation Move. At the event there was 5 PlayStation Move demo kiosks set up for people to try out the upcoming PS3 motion controller and some of the software. However, the PlayStation Move wasn't only being used to control the software…

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Godmars2903186d ago

They could have done it with the PS2's eyetoy. Don't see why they actually didn't do it then.

mindedone3186d ago

if you guys remember, he wore special gloves in the movie. But I'm assuming that they don't have the technology that's economically feasible to track 1:1 in such a way.

Tony P3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Hands free. Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing.

Natal might be much better suited for emulating the true feel of it. If MS were ever interested in that, I guess.

The Great Melon3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I don't think we'll see anything that is actually controller free navigation until you can resolve the details of the hand accurately. It basically comes down to how do you want to indicate an action. You have some way to trigger an event.

The move uses the camera to locate position, but the buttons are used to "click". Natal may be able to track the general orientation of the body, but it can't resolve fingers well. This means you'll have to use large appendage motions to indicate actions. This will likely mean any navigation with natal will largely be basic unless a whole new user interface is constructed or if you are less than 3 feet from the camera.

Michael Myers3186d ago

another great feature for Playstation Move. r. Registered Trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. insanity...

BulletToothtony3186d ago

because they actually tell us things that we don't know unlike some sites that come up with article after article with nothing new but flamebait.

Keep it going psls we appreciate your TRUE journalism!

Tony P3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

@Melon: Well, as far as I know, Natal was being looked at for this very sort of application. So I think it was at the very least feasible at one point.

Who knows if that's the case any longer with the dumbed down version we're getting though.

All in all, I'd just rather have it hands-free than the pointer stuff. Pointing devices kinda defeat the purpose, I think.

badz1493186d ago

I think you meant "controller" free? or you want voice controlled XMB perhaps?

Godmars2903185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

No, a hands UI is suppose to be one of Natal's selling points. Was part of the demo reel of its features when it first introduced. The girl with the dress. The mom selecting the movie. That was all through gesture and voice command.

Its also one of the things that will probably kill Natal if its not there at launch. IMO.

And yeah, by "hands free" I mean w/o a controller in hand.

Tony P3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

^^^I totally did not remember any of that or may not have even seen it. I was thinking of lecture reported by cnet or some such site.

I guess that's cool. Still not a must buy though imo.

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Gandalf3186d ago

"I love the lights. I love the lights."

Lol, I wish I was there.

Gandalf3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Lol, I just noticed him.

"You see how the colors is changing!?"

ivant3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

If you can use the move for the xmb then they should make the xmb slide/rotate freely horizontally/vertically like the apple ipod/iphone. Would look cool.

Noticed two moves where used alot. This poses the question that no-one seems to be asking:

Q: why not simply add an analog stick, d-pad, & trigger 1/2 buttons to each move controller.

If you do this, you DONT need a nunchuck add on,...just need two move controllers. Two Moves with sticks etc, would likely also give the gamer the option of using traditional controls or motion during a game.

To add the stick, dpad, & trigger1/2 buttons to the Move would also mean that the it could be promoted as the next generation controller - not just an alternative controller for certain games.

When all is said and done though, I still believe they should have gone magnetic, not line-of-sight, and bought the license for the sixense controller and developed that technology further

Look out Sony, if Microsoft adopts this technology for the 360 or next gen.

The Great Melon3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

If I remember correctly, I think Sony was said that the design and functionality of the subcontroller is still being decided, so hopefully they'll add both the motion sensing and the light to that controller also. I would think they only thing that ups the cost of the controllers really at this point is the accelerometers. The light is just that, a light.

EDIT: HHG is very ...expressive.

Zydake3186d ago


phosphor1123186d ago

He's the loudest guy there xD.

SeanScythe3185d ago

He is so annoying, I thought think the cop told him something because after that he shut up. What the hell is with the Belt? I like how the guy demoing move ignored him as much as possible. HHG is just a sad sad wanabe. If there was just away to block him from this site.

HHG: It's like you're in the screen moving around.
Sony: I am that's what I'm doing.
Sony: o_O

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monkey nuts3186d ago

'You see how the colour is changing!?? Kids are gona go crazy over that, thats marketing right there!!"

LordMarius3186d ago

yep, kids will eat it up

pixelsword3186d ago

Anything with colors is instantly better; it even makes "teh plotlinez" better.

Marceles3186d ago

that kid is HHG lol, if I ever get in the "watch paint dry" business I need him there to hype it up for me

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