Kotaku: Hydro Thunder Hurricane Impressions: Bouncy

Just about everything I know after playing the new Hydro Thunder is what you knew if you read today's news about the Xbox-exclusive sequel to Midway's speedboating series. I can add at least one thing: It feels good.

Aside from Wave Race: Blue Storm and Wii Sports Resort's jet-skiiing there haven't been many chances in the past.. 10 years!... to play a new racing game set upon tracks made of virtual video game water. With the return of Hydro Thunder, high-tech speedboat racing is back. Today at PAX East in Boston, I tore through a few laps of Hydro Thunder Hurricane and got a feel for what a modern video game system can do for a water-bound racing game.

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Megaton3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Ah, nice, it's a sequel. Thought it was just gonna be an HD port of the original.

Blaster_Master3133d ago

I would have totally not sold my 360 if I would have found this out like an hour ago. My 4 yr old son would have totally loved this. Oh well, I guess we will just be stuck playing Motorstorm 2?

green3133d ago

I remember what XBLA games looked like a few years ago. The servicce has really come along way in providing loads of great games.

DelbertGrady3133d ago

This game, the newly announced Breach and Hydrophobia. They all look really good. Gonna have to save up some money. Good thing XBLA games are relatively cheap though.

Blaster_Master3133d ago

Yeah, it would totally be cool if xbl had sick games like the psn does. Its got mostly shovelware. Im glad that you guys finally have something sorta decent to come out of it.

DelbertGrady3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

When was the last time PSN got any games? Correct me if I'm wrong but has it even had any releases at all this year?

Xbox Live has had a ton of them and if you don't agree with that I can list them for you.

Contentwise PSN is extremely poor compared to Xbox Live.

HDgamer3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

You're a fanboy and you know nothing. The ps3 has had a lot of high quality psn games that have been available and releasing each week. It's just so sad that no one really cares about this game except you who cling to the little things you have. Lame music, n64 HD like graphics, pretty sure it's just using the same formula the first game did only raped it's gameplay. But hey it's only on 360, Jump in to that fire. Good thing Anarchy: Rush Hour and WakeBoarding HD tops this horrible game.

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lzim3133d ago

was expecting more physics

like Fatal Interia and Waverace had a baby. Also.. the first few seconds made my think of Bloodwake

Looks good though if is for cheap money

Cajun Chicken3133d ago

Aww man, I've wanted a sequel to Bloodwake for a long time.

Did you know MS actually own the franchise? Why don't they DO SOMETHING with this stuff?

starmin763133d ago

This game was my freaking passion back in the arcade. Lets hope for some even more intense/trippy stages like the original.

TheBand1t3133d ago

Man, XBLA has two games I really want now: Raiden 4 and now this.

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The story is too old to be commented.