Cliffy B, we love you, but…

In a recent interview on IGN, Cliff Bleszinski talked about the future of gaming and the Gears of War franchise. In the interview he expressed his support for motion controllers like 'Project Natal' stating that he was preferring that over the other motion controllers, purely because you don't need to hold anything in your hands. Cliffy B also talked about how he wanted Gears 2 to be a better experience when it was released, and that the issues with the online matchmaking was the single biggest disappointment for him and when it gets brought up it breaks his heart. He also stated that when he reads posts on online forums it hurt him how people identify with the big, buff characters and how there is a lot to be said for the background of the world he'd created.

Simon Weatherall adds his personal spin on the contents of the interview.

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GiantEnemyCrab3189d ago

If they want to make a special Co-Op mode then fine but hell no on the Co-Op for the SP game. All that will do is require the graphics to be even worse to support the online connection.. No thanks.

Leave your grubby hand's off my Gears Single Player, far too many SP modes have been ruined because of whining multiplayer folks demanding so much.

zerocool33973189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I think with other titles able to have more players playing the story mode at the same time, Gears will stay behind the times if they don't add 4 player to the mix. There are after all, for the majority of the Gears story 4 individual players on the same map 2 can be human and the other AI so it won't affect the graphics in the slightest, any more than it already does. Game engines are also updated so I cant see there being any technical issue.

EVILDEAD3603189d ago

'If they want to make a special Co-Op mode then fine but hell no on the Co-Op for the SP game'

What are you talking about? Gears has had co-op from day one! Co-op is the one of the biggest reasons the first and second game had the success they had..

@ Zero

'Gears will stay behind the times if they don't add 4 player to the mix'

Behind what times? Gamers like Killzone 2 couldnt even pull off co-op and it had an AI team running around with the main character. The biggest game out there Modern Warfare 2 wouldn't even touch co-op for it's main campaign (although World at War did).

As much as I would love Gears to provide for 4 players to play the campaign..if it doesnt add fun to the experience or hampers the story tellling in any way then less is more for THAT particuiar game. Halo Reach? different story...

Either way..Gears 3 will be nothing short of a beast of a game when it is released and I loved the Cliffy B interview..EPIC has got something under their sleeve this time..can't wait


Raf1k13189d ago

I think you'll find there's a difference between games not being able to pull of co-op(which comes down to the developers BTW not the game) and it simply not being implemented.

kalebgray923189d ago

but 2 was more of the same.... like the article said more character depth is needed and 4 player co op would be nice.... another thing is gears never feels like a war... they need a big scale fight in one of the parts of gears 3.... and i dont mean 1000 locus vs 4 cogs.... i mean 500 locus vs 500 cogs.... just for 1 mission i would love that

Mo0eY3189d ago

Gears was a terrible game. Gears 2 was equally terrible, but the multiplayer glitches made it the frontrunner for developers to not give a damn anymore about games. Notice the similarities? Gears of War launched with huge success (not sure why), then they follow with a glitchfest. Modern Ware launched with huge success (also not sure why), then they followed with a glitchfest.

Oh well, as long as gamers are happy I suppose.

HolyOrangeCows3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Split-screen online was my favorite way to play the game.

I know you and your kind bashed Killzone's potatoes for not having splitscreen, hypocrite.

Aaroncls73189d ago

BUT what? Cliffy B is a great video game designer and he is working his own thing, Gears may not be the best game ever and I am, honestly, not much of a fan; but I know the 2 gear games are all around AAA titles and the third might come packing even more heat.

Lightsaber3189d ago

I like the idea the writer had about the horde mode. I really want 4 player co op too. Also I think they need to give you some kind of reward for ranking up. Right now it seems so pointless.

EVILDEAD3603189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I think you'll find there's a difference between games not being able to pull of co-op(which comes down to the developers BTW not the game) and it simply not being implemented.

Everyone absolutely knows the difference..

They admitted that they WANTED to at least put co-op in..but it would have meant compromises to the graphics..and we all know that graphics were the key selling point of the game. This proves that games like Halo 3 and Gears that give seamless 2 - 4 player experiences deserve much more credit than they have this generation when they are compared to the current crop of shooters and 3rd person games out there.

People bashed the online..but who cares..Horde mode was a complete blast..We played that mode alone longer than most other FPS single player campaigns. What people ALWAYS sleep on was the ability to play BOTS in multiplayer games..EPIC integrated and pulled it off..but never got the love for it..

Who cares..both Gears were both amazing successes and it won't be any different for the third..

raztad3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


KZ2 has 32 players multi with the same graphics than the SP campaign. How is graphics would be downgraded for 4 players coop? if you are talking about split screen you might have a point otherwise I would like to read the article where "they admitted" what you are saying.

Lightsaber3188d ago

raztad there is nothing special about that. The only think epic would need to do to put that into gears is to pay for a server to run it off. If they could do 32 player co op then that be unbelieable. Getting a game to run smoothly off a p2p is hard to do.

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Gradient3189d ago

Maybe you should stop getting all emotional and actually fix some sh*t.

kaveti66163189d ago

It has been fixed. The situation is akin to that of Socom Confrontation. The multiplayer was crappy at launch and then was improved and made solid, but by then few people played it anymore.

caprica33189d ago

I agree that the issues with the online area of the game were dissapointing, especially on how long it took to find a decent game. It really put me off the game but I was willing to play it anyway. Im sure some time, they can do something about this.

Blaster_Master3189d ago

Flame bait aside caprica. But thats exactly whats wrong with you 360 only owners. You guys settle for less, and for that I had to suffer by having mostly shovelware on the system even though it can do so much more then what lazy devs have put out for it. Honestly, thats why i just sold my 360 cause im so sick of the lack of quality on it. If the game doesn't look or play as good as a ps exclusive then its not worth buying.

kaveti66163189d ago

Flamebait aside, Blaster Master, but your IQ is marginally lower than that of a Chinese pear, and I am astonished that you even found the power button to the computer you're using to post your fanboy drivel. There are plenty of non-biased 360 only owners who respectfully express their desire to purchase a PS3 when they are financially able. I think they deserve to have a PS3 more than you do.

And 360 owners do not settle for less. Maybe they're just not as elitist as you are, and thus are able to obtain enjoyment from games despite their flaws. That's not to say that PS3 exclusives are flawless, because they're not. 360 developers have to work harder to create games that will merit a higher replay value. PS3 developers don't have to work so hard in that department, which is why you end up with single player epics that you play once or twice and then shelve for the rest of your life. By the way, what level of quality do PS exclusives have when the highest played game on the PS3 is Modern Warfare 2?

Dellis3189d ago

Better texture loading, how about working on that crap

Aphe3189d ago

What happened to Unreal Tournament Cliffy? Is it forgotten about now?

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