The Storm Picks Up on God of War Secret Website

PSLS writes: "The storm is picking up, the rain is getting harder, and the sky is getting darker. No, we are not reciting a poem, but something even better. God of War, the hack n' slash series from Sony Santa Monica, has been on everyone's minds lately, and not just because of the recent release of God of War III. Last week, platinum earners for the third console entry in the series were treated to a link to a mysterious website. When it began, the site was merely a rain storm and what appeared to be a timer. As time progressed, and more people saw the "Spartans Stand Tall" page, the theories began to pile up."

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lokiroo4203183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Cant wait to find out.

edit: no problems, tried to edit comment before you answered back here after seeing the change, ;)

Scolar Visari3183d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Sorry, I must have mixed up the trophy name and video name. Thanks for pointing that out, and it's been fixed. ;)

Edit: Aha, well, thanks for the comment! :D

LordMarius3182d ago

Link to the website please

T3mpr1x3183d ago

there will only be a TIMER!

decimalator3183d ago

I bet it's a countdown to the announcement of the God of War 3 themed Dance Dance Revolution mat, to help with that pesky rhythm game mini-game.

Scolar Visari3182d ago

I'm hoping it's a countdown for a new PSP God of War game. :)

DoucheVader3182d ago

Kratos is the Origami Killer! :)

T3mpr1x3182d ago

Hence the Heavy Rain hahaha

RayRay363182d ago

Noticed this earlier. Just beat GOW 3 last night. I gotta be either Chains Of Olympus 2, a multiplayer game, or a spin off. Thats at least what Im thinkin. I still cant get over how it ended. 0_0

alphakennybody3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

rain, flah of lightnings only means one thing... THOR! j/k whatever it is it must something big to get this kind of treament, can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.