Hydro Thunder Sequel Confirmed with Trailer

Remember Hydro Thunder, the arcade/DreamCast/Nintendo64/PlayStation1 speedboat racer that let you race through Egyptian tombs and the flooded streets of a post-apocalyptic New York City back in 1999? Or maybe you played it in Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for PS2, XBox, or GameCube back in 2005. Either way, the sequel is finally upon us. Vector Unit is developing Hydro Thunder Hurricane, but this time it can only be found in one place: the XBox Live Arcade.

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naznatips3189d ago

Oh man I devoted countless hours to the original. I hope it's only 800 MS points though. People have been majorly abusing the 1200 MS price point on XBLA.

Braineater24483189d ago

Yea I cant wait to get back into this. Whats with all the reboots lately?

callahan093189d ago

Awesome. I loved the original on Dreamcast.

I haven't liked any XBLA game trials enough to buy the full version since Shadow Complex, but hopefully this one lives up to the original and this trailer and if so I'll definitely buy it.

darthv723189d ago

I heard rumor that there will be a sequel to arctic thunder and a RUSH sequel as well. Hope those are true.

This will be a good game alongside SEGA's afterburner climax. Now if only SEGA would do a remake of thunderblade or galaxy force 2.

yoshiroaka3189d ago

Holy cow, now there are some memories. I remember playing this back on dreamcast.

Was a great game, loved the volcano level.
I look forward to this.
Its long overdue in my opinion. It was like burnout with boats.

Tapewurm3189d ago

Is there a chance this will go to PSN or is the Money Hat Machina at work again?

Information Minister3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Oh man... I remember playing Hydro Thunder on my Dreamcast some 10 years ago. Really fun game. Great times!

Now if only someone would do a sequel/remake of San Francisco Rush 2049. That's one of my favorite arcade racers. I have fond memories of pwning my friends at that game on the local (now defunct) arcade.

Nuch Vader3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


It's my understanding that this game (Hydro Thunder) was purchased from Midway by Microsoft when Midway was selling off their properties. It makes one wonder what else Microsoft bought when Midway was having their fire sale.

callahan093188d ago

Most of their properties' rights were purchased by Warner Bros.

Tapewurm3177d ago

Ahh, so Sony missed the opportunity to buy the game for themselves then (forgot all about Midway's troubles).....DOH :( Was such a great game on Dreamcast...guess I could break it out of the attic and hook it up.....just a shame to put those old systems on the Bravia though :(

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Rubang3189d ago

More games need sea monsters. Every genre. This is great news.

bmw693189d ago

I don't remember the original being all that great but this one looks like a vast improvement...

Braineater24483189d ago

Are you serious!? I played the crap out of the original. Probably clocked over 100 hours on that thing...

TheGameLlama3189d ago

I concur with bmw... it'll never be as cool as Jet Moto.

Duke_Silver3189d ago

I used to love that game at the arcade

e-p-ayeaH3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

But at least it isnt a "Vigilante 8 arcade" the visual style looks like it should be.

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The story is too old to be commented.