White Knight Chronicles 2 Update

White Knight Chronicles only recently made it out in the English speaking world. But it was a 2008 release in Japan, meaning the wait for the sequel has been a long one.

That wait is at long last coming to an end. Sony and developer Level-5 recently announced a summer time frame for the game in Japan and started opening up with story, character and gameplay details.

Fully titled White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness, the sequel is set a year after the events of the original. Based off some early story details, the focus this time seems to be on the western Republic of Foria.

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Blackcanary3183d ago

haven't read the article yest i'm hoping they will state when its coming out every where else.

R_19933183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

It's supposed to be this summer for Japan, so expect it to come to the west around the same time next year, if not earlier.