8.0 Wakeboarding HD Review

TikGames and Creat Studios recently brought their latest creation, Wakeboarding HD, to PSN and the game will be right up the alley of extreme sports fanatics. Based around the sport of Wakeboarding, as obvious by the title, the game goes a bit beyond the actual sport as shown by the sharks and explosives featured in the game's earlier trailers. Is this game simply going to be shark bait or will it rise high above the water for some perfect air time?

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Coramoor_3185d ago

if this were 10 dollars i could see it but 15 is a little high for the DL space still imo

mephman3185d ago

Yea, I'm sure its price will drop soon enough though.

OGharryjoysticks3185d ago

But since it's just releasing now you might have to wait until winter. Anyway, it's pretty cool. It's got an old school SEGA vibe down pat and if Outrun were made today on water it would be this game. I'm not sure about your tastes, but I would have sat at this game all day back in the day at the arcades.