Interview and Preview of Monaco, IGF Grand Prize Winner

Monaco is a co-op action stealth game, think Gauntlet crossed with Hitman. The game is set in an Ocean's 11-style universe, with each player taking the role of a Locksmith, Prowler, Hacker, Cleaner, or one of a number of other unlockable classes. You can play with up to four people on a single screen, or over the internet. And you can play single player too!

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naznatips3186d ago

I wish indie games got more exposure. I played this at GDC and it was simply one of the funnest things I played there, and that includes things like Dragon Age Awakening, ModNation, God of War 3, etc.

The Lazy One3186d ago

Agree completely. I saw it at the awards and thought "meh" then played it and kept dragging my friends away from the conference to play it.

Addicting fun awesome game.

Rubang3186d ago

I think I'm the most hyped for this one now. Before reading this I was mostly craving Enviro-Bear 2000.

MaxwellGT20003186d ago

Woot for indie games, this one seems really interesting.

Kantor3186d ago

I don't like Gauntlet. Or Hitman. But hey, a cross between the two MIGHT be good.

TheGameLlama3186d ago

Like an 8-bit Ocean's Eleven. <3