Burn360: Crackdown 2 Impressions from PAX East

Pax East started today has gotten into full swing. First on our agenda was the Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Rocket Tag demo. The demo was impressive to say the least. First and foremost the setup was really conducive to getting a great feel for the game. Headphones were provided so to block out most of the background noise, and sitting 12 inches away from the monitor helped immerse us and really allow us to concentrate even in the crowded hall. What you do find when sitting down to play Crackdown 2, is that the game is strikingly fmailiar to the first title. The controls, weight, and physics of the game feel similar if not exact to the first Crackdown title. Where we're seeing the biggest improvements to the game is in the graphics, and just how smoothly the game runs. Rocket Tag was a great game to showcase this because of all of the explosions and chaos on screen. It all transpired in a such a fluid fashion. Sadly our time came to end as the lines have been growing steadily all afternoon. I suppose that's the sign of a great game because we just weren't ready to give up the controller. The pictures below show some other shots from the lobby.

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FanboyAttack3189d ago

There looks like a lot of people there.

poe3189d ago

Will never go to game convention ever again. Too crowded, spend most time doing nothing.

math3189d ago

Is it living up to the hype?

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GiantEnemyCrab3189d ago

Sounds awesome and I'm glad to hear the controls feel the same because I felt they nailed them perfectly in the first.

So pumped for this game!

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