The Resistance 3 Survey

Check your inbox! Is R3 in development?

This is a chance for everyone who's battled a Chimera to speak out.

We want to hear all about your Resistance experience-whether it was Resistance: Fall of Man or Resistance 2.

The survey itself is pretty short. (The whole thing should take you 10-15 minutes to complete.)

As always, the more we know about what you hope to get out of your PlayStation® experiences, the more we can do to make it happen. Everybody wins!

Thanks in advance.


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Cajun Chicken3189d ago

Nope, I've not got one. But never the less, brilliant stuff!

Hopefully this time, especially with user input, they'll get it perfect.

Commander TK3189d ago

not dissapoint. They r truly the best developers this gen

Michael Myers3189d ago

one of the best shooters this whole damn decade.

TOO PAWNED3189d ago

Something tells me they will deliver big time with R3. They got a lot of critique on R2, and it seems they took it to the heart, that is why for first time they didn't reveal it early as they usually do. E3 can't come soon enough. Also wonder on what is new studio working on, definitely new IP, but wonder what it is. I hope it is 3rd person. Maybe their Uncharted equivalent? Like you know Spyro vs Crash, Ratchet vs Jak, what Insomniac and NG used to do. Fun times.

captain-obvious3189d ago

i didnt get it yet
i hope i get it

Sillyace923189d ago

it says that my answers were already submitted when I clicked take the survey when I never actually did...What were some of the questions?

Aphe3189d ago

I like Ratchet and Clank, but I wouldn't put Insomniac up for a best of the devs this gen award. They'd be quite a way down the list. Very far down.

WhittO3189d ago

Cant wait for Resistance 3! One of my most wanted games this year.

sikbeta3189d ago

Insomniac, please, forget about all the stuff added on R2 and concentrate on making a True R:FOM sequel, the "atmosphere", dark places, a bit of survival horror, destructible environments, more weapons, weapon wheel, split-screen co-op, R2 multiplayer, a better plot and you have a Winner...

pixelsword3189d ago

they used my idea when I suggested that they allow the 2nd player to sign into their account so they could get xp while they play with their friend on the couch.

Confused3189d ago

Same here. I can't take the survey either. Anybody care to fill us in?

Coheno3189d ago

This survey is really really old... I took it a long time ago!

Noctis Aftermath3189d ago

Would it be a bit far-fetched to ask for more vibrant colors?

ThanatosDMC3188d ago

Let there be MAG Resistance! 128 soldiers vs 128 aliens. I also dont want the aliens to have pure guns but let there be those monstrosities that have only melee or something. That would make things more interesting... crawling on walls and what not.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3189d ago

i.e i beat 'GR8 1'(Mart)!!! ;-D

The Iron Sheik3189d ago

I'm shocked he isn't the first to post. I always assumed he had an alarm in his room that went off every time a PS3 related article was posted here so he could spew his verbal diarrhea first.

ps3hasonlyflopgames3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

soooo disappointed with resistance 2! its such a cheaply made game with so many glitches and the graphics (apart from the water graphics) are terrible!

lack of variety in atmosphere of this game IS TERRIBLE! The character does move slower as well. The ending was a huge let down for fps. The boss battles were a drag too(no challenge)

resistence 2= worst sequel ever of fps in this gen.


only ps3 fanboy hype this crap game.

The Iron Sheik3189d ago

Note to all bots. Just saying fact after your sentence does not make it a fact.

cmrbe3189d ago

was it swayed too much from what made R1 a huge hit by trying to do too much.

I really want the Narrator back in R3 plus the weapon wheel. The weapons in Resistance is half of the fun. Having access to them all the time is what made R1 extremely fun.

In R2 i couldn't get the full story because it was told mostly through the coms while you are fighting for your life. As a result the story was not coherent compare to R1 with the Narrator.

Also R1 had better art direction and setting. It really brought across the sense of doom and gloom. For some reason i didn't feel that in R2.

I really do hope that R3 will be more like R1.

TheHater3189d ago

my thoughts. Couldn't have said it better myself

mastiffchild3189d ago

What can't be improved by a posh British bird and a weapon wheel FFS? Insomniac were crazy throwing them out with the bathwater(and Grimsby) from FOM!

I felt they made R2 TOO much like Halo for it's own good in many ways. IDK whether it was to differentiate itself from Killzone2 which was due out at the same time for a while or what the reasoning for the move towards a bright colour scheme , saturated colours and more Halo-esque run and gun than before but it didn't do R2 any favours in my eyes. I never get why KZ got compared to Halo while Resistance didn't when Halo and Killzone even played differently, by a long way, even last generation. This generation I always felt Resistance was the Sony spiritual answer to Halo way more than anything else.

S, CMBRE, I'd totally go with your two demands and another mone asking they make it even more of it's own game as the premise is still good, the Chimera are great, well designed enemies who have a top to bottom aesthetic from Grim to Spire and every creature and vehicle in between-even their processing plants have a cohesive look to them and help with the feeling a race is being assimilated by another, more virulent one.

I haven't had any invitation to moan, though, and Lord knows, it's probably because they know they can't be arsed reading the resulting essay length crap I'd offer them.

WhittO3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I agree, but they did improve on things.

Like I for one (and I know I'm in the minority) think the online for R2 was really great and alot better than the first (the first was fun but R2 had me going back more, especially the co-op).

Also, I think the atmosphere was great in R2, with that guy speaking on the radio, and the music playing around dead bodies etc, thought it was really creepy.

Just to me, you could tell it had lower production values compared to K2 etc that we have now. The game looked good, but fell short for me and the gameplay could get quite boring.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3189d ago


GR8 13189d ago

Resistance 2

Were disappointing graphics were awful even Multi-Player was Trash. Actually every game is trash on ps3 even the ps3 owners know i'm telling the truth. Take GOW3 8hrs game another trashy game. Like what's with ps3 and the hype that goes with every game on ps3 and Do games on ps3 actually sell to justify the hype........what's the point of ps3 when it can't leave up to expectation.

mrv3213189d ago

Halo 3 is like 20 minutes. It's 1 frame per hour, it runs at a native 1 pixels.

See what I did their? I made stuff up, just because I made it up doesn't make it true.

Resistance Fall of Man is great BTW... I can remmeber the countless hours I spent sniping shame the same can't be said for Halo 3 online which felt like nonsense... just enemies taking a million bullets and turning around to no scope.

Trebius3189d ago

Jealous fanboy alert!

Talk to us when you have GAMES to play ;)

If you dont have a PS3, you're not playing games!


SeanRL3189d ago

Wondering when you would show up.

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