New trailer and info about Hexyz Force unveiled by Atlus

Today Atlus reveled a new gameplay trailer and new info about the itemization and crafting system of the upcoming PSP JRPG Hexyz Force

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CLOUD19833184d ago

Cute! :D keep them coming, me love JRPG ^^ but not FF12/13 JRPG traditional JRPG exactly like this baby here my PSP arrive in 3 days I am glad to know that I will have so many wonderful games to choose from.

Abriael3184d ago

It does look very interesting. I just wish that Asus started publishing their games in Europe regularly...
Luckily the PSP is region free, but having to import them is still an hassle.

CLOUD19833184d ago

You mean Atlus :) anyway I live in EU so I agree with you, look what happen with Demons Soul ppl who want to play it must import it or w8 until June for official release that sucks.. :/

Abriael3184d ago

meh, i really need to stop writing Asus when i mean Atlus. Mind you, I typed Asus in the original title of the article too. Blogger Fail :D