Sony has no plans to cut PS3 price

Sony Corp. has no plans to cut the price of its PlayStation 3 at present to pep up demand and counter surging sales of Nintendo's rival game console Wii, Sony's president said on Friday.

"At present we have no plans," to cut the PS3 price, Ryoji Chubachi told Reuters in an interview.

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hikikimori3971d ago

Well there goes that bs story lol!

Maddens Raiders3971d ago

I still want to get to the bottom of this. Is it just a localized sale or a bunch of hype from the "retail sector"?

coolmatrix3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Shockwaves were sent throughout the gaming industry when Sony announced the new pricing for the Playstation 3 console.

Marketing has proven that many consumers will react to the "bandwagon approach." How long will that last is only a matter of time.

That was until the PS3 $299.99 retail price.

With the PS3 at $299.99 Sony effectively demolished the competition before they even had time to react.

Gamers around the world were sent into a frenzy as retailers everywhere had to respond to the feverish demand for the PS3 even greater than at launch.

Resistance and Motorstorm franchises both 1st party titles utilizing the supercomputer Cell and BluRay effectively showcased to new owners the beginning of years of entertainment value for their initial investment.

The Wii at $249.99 no longer was a bargain that it once was. Sales came to a screeching halt as buyers rejoiced in Sony's bold move to make their favorite console affordable to the masses. Lowering the Wii price too close to the DS Lite made no difference!

The Xbox360 demise was even more breathtaking. With the PS3 undercutting the Core, Premium and Elite models which has no high definition DVD standard, buyers ignored the 360 enmass.

Even if MS tried to discontinue the Core and Premium, the Elite HD DVD add-on is $199.99 plus the price of the Elite was more expensive than the PS3.

HD DVD suffered tremendously since no one cared to much about the 360. Blockbuster announcement)

The one title that push the PS3 seemingly into every home was LittleBigPlanet.

Once the title was released the developers were smart enough to create Plush Toys for children and collectibles for adults.

They spun off LBP into a kids learning software title for the PS3 that taught the alphabet, spelling and math.

The cute characters became the next Elmo and Barney phenomenon!

Sony PS3 captured the imagination of music players, karoke singers, next-gen gamers, researchers aka Folding at Home, community fans with Home, avid movie buffs and children with LittleBigPlanet bringing families a true family entertainment experience.

With Blu-Ray players seeing a 50% drop from $999.99 to 499.99 the same goes for the PS3 from $599.99 to $299.99.

$299.99 was the SWEET SPOT for the console.

Sony will leave the price at $299.99 until 2010. Expect NO MORE PRICE CUTS!!

Stroke of genius!


Strike while the fire is HOT. Don't give MS time to fix their consoles. Strike while the fire is HOT

hikikimori3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Lol, four fools give me a disagree? After a guy from Sony says no we are not lowering price at this time? This site is getting pathetic.
I think allot of people are just hitting disagree and neg feed back without learning to think first.

Silver3603971d ago

Coolmatrix are you trying to drive Sony out of business. The loss the company would take on a $299 PS3 would bankrupt them. They would be losing more on each console sold than it would sell for. ie sell for $299 lose $400.

unsunghero283971d ago

Wow. You really have this vision of where you want Sony to go, don't you? Well, it's not going to happen, because (as Silver360 pointed out) they would lose huge amounts of money and possibly drive their company into the ground. The attach rate for the PS3 isn't (and might never be) high enough.

And I find it quite surprising that you think all the consumers out there love Sony as much as you do and would be so quick to forget Nintendo and Microsoft. You forgot about Halo 3, and you forgot about the millions of casual gamers who love Nintendo even though they had barely played any games before Wii.

If you want a more realistic picture, (as this article paints):

Sony did not cut the price of the PS3 in time for the holiday season, instead deciding to release a series of AAA titles (GTA4, MGS4, R&C) to battle those of the other two consoles, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Due to the huge masses of people that saw the inexpensive Wii as a fantastic holiday gift for casual gamers and the less-expensive-than-the-PS3 Xbox 360 as a must buy for Halo 3, those two consoles both sold 2 mil each.

Sony, with the most expensive console, failed to sell as many, and consumers (encouraged mainly by the AAA titles and Home program) picked up about 1.5 mil PS3s.

Don't get me wrong, I like the PS3. But if Sony isn't smart enough to cut their price now (which this article seems to prove) then the most we could hope for is a $500 PS3, and people didn't buy that when it was out. Maybe I'm wrong, but realistically this Sony's hands seem to be tied by the price of the PS3. They're still losing money on every console sold, and they can't drop it too much if they want to make a profit at all.

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boi3971d ago

well he did say at present lol

I don't know things might change...can't really tell anymore

ALI G3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

just in time .after Microsoft annouced the 1 BILLION HIT ps3 fanboys submitted 53 comment in less than one hour
Xbox 360 CAMP..............attack in full not spare anything for tomorrow..
splling mistakes errrrrrrrr

edit:i get disagree for what ? motivating people ?

etownone3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

LMAO xbox camp..attack in full force....


power of Green 3971d ago

Are you saying 360 fans would post the 1 billion dollar hit to bash the 360 and not be happy about the move?. Lets be honest Sony fans jumped on this news faster than a PS2 fan saying it still has games after xbox fans mention the read disk errors to hin/her. The $1biil hit was a knee jerk reaction to the Halo3 hit The Wall Street Journal released.

fury3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

The PS3 is well worth its price...just look at the features and its bright future. A price cut would be indeed great...if not now, we may see one in a couple of months though

clownfacemcgee3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

They got this in the bag. It's no big deal if Microsoft has a small lead in monthly sales, or if Nintendo is annihilating them both, they have a large enough reputation, and will carry through. Like that some Sony executive guy said, "PS3 is in a marathon and not a sprint" or something like that. They said 10 years, and the PS2 lasted 7, so it's totally doable with the cell.

P.S. I think he's lying, just like how HOME leaked a couple days before they announced it, and they flatly denied it. I think they'll announce a cut at E3, pretty much betraying all the early adopters, but so much for loyalty to your fans. All us early PS3 fans, will just sit here on our boards. Reading our posts. Posting some news. Laughing, playing, frolicking. De-bubbling The_MART. And crying ourselves to sleep. =)

Thugbot1873970d ago

You can still lose a marathon by running to slow.

power of Green 3971d ago

I wouldn't either; the competition would match the move PS3 needs heavy hitters to draw people from shopping with price in mind first and them games. The competition has games and price advantages already.