Starcraft 2: 'No chance' of LAN support

CVG: Blizzard has ruled out the possibility of it ever introducing LAN support into Starcraft 2 - saying its new 'always online' Battlenet system does a comparable job.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3185d ago

'No chance' of MY support
'No chance' of ME buying

Darkstorn3184d ago

Blizzard should really think about adding LAN. How hard could it be? And it'll appease a lot of fans.

conker1213184d ago

First off I dont get the quotation of 'no chance' since he didnt use those words so trying to be cute with your comment failed. Second, get over it. Most games LAN barely even work or are underused in general. SC2 looks like it will have an endless and amazing amount of content. 90% of people saying they wont buy the game over the LAN issue are simply talking out of their ass.

FantasyStar3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I'm just preparing for the fallout of SC2 when it drops. I think Blizzard will take EA's spot of "most pirated game ever due to DRM".

badz1493184d ago

have you ever played Starcraft?? LAN is massively important for that game! I think, you're the one talking out of your ass!

Noctis Aftermath3184d ago

While the loss of LAN does suck, with how easy it is to connect to the internet these days i think alot of you are overreacting, in fact i'd go so far as to say that the majority of you never planned on buying the game and instead planned on pirating it anyway.

Disagree away.

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GSpartan7773184d ago

Funny because people in the beta and competitive scene have completely forgotten that SC2 has no LAN, why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE. The game is great and is looking great.

siliticx3184d ago

Emulated servers are already starting to host on LANs...

rexus123453184d ago

People intending to play multiplayer implies they have Internet connection
if blizz designed battlenet so you can very easily join your friend in a game, then this is perfectly reasonable DRM

FantasyStar3184d ago

You forget about us people that would like to take our rigs up in the mountains where there's no internet with some buddies for Spring Break. So explain how I would be able to play the game I purchased if there's no internet here?

I'm inconvenienced because Blizzard is treating their fanbase like criminals.

XxRoosterxX3184d ago

if you're going up to the mountains and you're bringing a computer, you're missing the point of the of "going to the mountains.

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The story is too old to be commented.