Major Nelson Has A 350GB HDD On His Xbox 360

When you're Microsoft exec, it would seem you get some really cool exclusive hardware.

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Government Cheese3185d ago

Nice.. only 320GB bigger than mine

movements3185d ago

Those HDDs don't exist for Xbox 360.... where the hec did he get that from?

Shadow Flare3185d ago

I've had a 500gb HDD in my ps3 for a year. Quick, make a news article about it

dangert123185d ago

Shadow Flare XD ur funny lol

MaximusPrime3185d ago

well i have 320g in my PS3... wait i can upgrade my HDD!

Army_of_Darkness3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

does that make Major Nelson as Lucky as us ps3 owners?!

Kushan3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

He has a DEVELOPMENT kit, that's not a retail 360. It will accept any sized HDD you put in it.

Other things it can do -

* Play "unsigned" code (that means it'll play anything that hasn't been approved by Microsoft, such as your own code or "patched" retail games)
* Play games/apps straight from your PC using a USB connection
* Access "PartnerNET". PNET is, basically, Xbox Live for 360 developers. Pre-release XBLA titles go up on it and if you're beta testing a 360 game before it hits retail consoles, this is where it gets played. It acts just like Xbox Live, but is a COMPLETELY separate system (so any gamerscore earned will never appear on, the "MajorNelson" profile on this console is NOT the same as the MajorNelson profile you can message on Xbox Live).

Things it CANNOT do -

Go on Xbox Live. Ever.

darthv723185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

why not a "360"gb hdd.....?

Ah heck, for all we know it could be a 500gb drive loaded with game installs. Nothing to get worked up about as we all know his unit is a dev/debug unit.

It does lead one to believe that larger hdd's can be made available on a whim.

1tb FTMFW!

edit: that case is sick...I need to get me one of those. All chromed and shiny would make my piano black PS3 look weak.

AliTheBrit193185d ago

He's obviously retarded

Probably trying to make a joke with the 20GB HDD's for 360's

But somehow... managed to mess up subtracting 20 from 350

The poor kid

FragGen3185d ago

When he gets promoted to "Colonel" they're going to give him a 400Gb drive.

Then it'll only be 100Gb less than the 500Gb drive in my PS3.

EvilBlackCat3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

i dont get why some ignorants here make a damn drama about the HDD

On my 360 elite hdd 120gb games and xboxlive content
a damn ipod for my music and a damn 10gb usb for other stuff

SO WHAT? Do i need more space? NO but hey i am not impressed that those complaining about HDD space are Sony loyalists.

Anyway maybe they just do an update that let people use non xbox360 hdd for other contents.
360 have 3 usb ports remember?

BUT seriously WHY you cry PS3 loyalists?

PirateThom3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Maybe because the "PS3 loyalists" know better and are completely shocked that anyone tries to justify Microsoft's pricing.

"PS3 loyalists" know how much a 120GB HDD costs... or how much a 320GB HDD costs or how much a 500GB HDD costs. ( - Wetern Digital 500GB HDD, £59.99, XBox 360 250GB Hard drive, £79.99)

"360 loyalists" pay extortionate amounts for every add on (like, oh, a standard SATA lapop HDD in a plastic case - yep, 360 uses the same hard drives, you pay a premium for that there plastic case) and then have the gall to question "PS3 loyalists" over HDD prices? That's funny. Honestly, really funny.

It's not "PS3 Loyalists" fault Microsoft are so short sighted they offered a console with no hard drive, a console with a 20Gb and expensive, propritary drives as the only upgrade option.

JsonHenry3185d ago

Why is everyone getting a hard on about a larger HDD? It is not like the new HDD is somehow gonna increase graphics fidelity or add some new functionality. You just have more space. But for what? Arcade games?

Shadow Flare3184d ago

Maybe arcade games is all you can use your 360's hard drive for but I got my 500gb hdd for my ps3's PlayTV unit. Because with it, i've recorded tons of shows off tv. Every football match of the season i've wanted to keep is sitting on my ps3, about 100 simpsons and family guy episodes just sitting on my ps3 etc. All of which I can just pop on my psp if I want. I got my hard drive just in case sony decided to release anything in the future that required lots of storage space and PlayTV has fit that criteria nicely. So yeah, I its really nice to have that much room

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dangert123185d ago

i think micrsoft was being serouis about digital distrubution over blu ray but what are they planning yes i know people have alot of stuff but know saves this many games to there hdd and still plays all over them lol

jamesrocks31473185d ago

reasons been it would be expensive cos these hard drives ant just your average laptop hard drives for your ps3 etc these cost quite a bit of money for microsoft to make and its getting hard to fit more and more space in that size hard drive that microsoft make for the 360 microsoft wont admit it but sonys hard drive method for the ps3 is way better but microsoft make wayyyy more money on these bloody things thats why they stick with it... its all about the money

lokiroo4203185d ago

You have no idea what you speak of.

PotNoodle3185d ago

They're regular hard drives in a Microsoft case and connector, nothing special about them.

JsonHenry3185d ago

Moron, they are the same 2.5HDD the PS3 and laptops every where have used for a decade or more.

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TheXgamerLive3185d ago

grow the hell up little girls and get a life.

3185d ago
PeptoBismol3185d ago

XGamer, why do you get upset so easily?

are you THAT sensitive?

TheXgamerLive3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

One post say's it's a 300 gig, and this one say's that it's a 350 gig, however I think that it's a 360 gig, 360 is only fitting:)

avengers19783184d ago

It don't matter until they make it avalible to the consumers.
They should jump up to 500 gigs or a terabyte, then that might be impressive. Since you can get that much memory into a PS3 then you should be able to get that much for the 360.

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Vip3r3185d ago

Don't worry guys, it'll be released next week for £100.

Cajun Chicken3185d ago

No it won't. Seen the price for the 250gb?