Virtual Reality, the future of gaming, but how do we achieve it?

Gaming has come quite a long way from what it was in the early 80s and 90s. Now that new products like Project Natal and the PS Move are coming out, what is expected from future gaming? Virtual Reality seems like the next step but how would it be packaged to be portable and cheap.

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RonyDean3187d ago

A pair of glasses and some towers in my room, I would be cool with that for virtual reality!

Apocalypse Shadow3187d ago

a ps3,a headset,a second camera placed somewhere else in the playing area and move controllers.but basically it would look like pseye/natal body tracking,and a headset.

both cameras would track your movement from different locations.the headset picks up the information from the console.and the cameras pick up your movements and know how close you are to those cameras to interact in the virtual space.

but sony would not want to lose the sales on tvs they make to glasses.and the setup would be this won't happen by could do it as they have no investment in tvs.

but 3D this gen will be close enough until prices drop for next gen tech.3D will be cheap,bluray will be cheap,cell will be cheap.HDDs will be cheap.cameras will be cheap.and the software for tracking will be more advanced.