PS3 120GB SKU restocked at retail

This week Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 was restocked amid a nationwide shortage of the game hardware.

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Nathan Drake23185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

already at #3 on amazon,nintendo wii's over is ps3 time.

eagle213185d ago

It's still limited to one per household but at least it's in stock. :)

Snoogins3184d ago

I was lucky to arrive during a shipment of 120 giggers today at the local Gamestop. My 2nd PS3 died this week and I was bound to waiting on Gamestop to get some in so I could use my warranty exchange. This is fvcking ridiculous how poorly consoles are made these days!

cmrbe3184d ago

Feel bad for you. Mine only had Blu-ray problems but i managed to open it and then clean it and then everything went back to normal, well sort off. The reading speed for my old 60 giger is getting really slow now and i dread a DRE problem. PS1 and PS2 games works perfectly fine though.

Good thing i bought a slim for my room.

Snoogins3184d ago

It's feeling like PS2 all over again for me. Much like my 1st PS2, my 80GB BC model was the first to go after a year and a half of use. My 2nd PS3 was a launch slim and the HDD failed to start working. Couldn't even access safe mode so I know that's what happened. Here's hoping 3rd time is a charm. At least I bought another store exchange warranty just in case. This damn shortage came at the worst possible time.

I was hoping I got the newer 2101A slims. The one I did get still says 2001A and was manufactured February 2010. It does feel a bit lighter, though. To anyone looking for a slim, all the Gamestops in my region of Tennessee did get a small shipment in today, and I know Walmart got a few too. Amazon has them to order at the moment as well.

Bathyj3184d ago

Wow, has the shortage really been that much of a problem?

When you here about shortages you sort of take it with a grain of salt as if it were PR talk, but I guess they really have been hard to get.

I think Sony never anticipated the Slim would do so well and this is still run off from the Slim launch and the Christmas boom. I just hope it doesnt effect their overall numbers too much, it would be a shame if people are finally seeing the value of PS3 but they arent selling as much as they could because people cant get one.