VG Chartz: Wii just 1.28 million behind Xbox 360

Hot in the news is the estimated worldwide sales numbers for Nintendo's new-gen console, which just hit a mark less than two million to the Xbox 360's current sales count. The Wii is now just 1.28 million units shy of taking the lead in the hardware base establishment race, reports VG Chartz, a source for worldwide console sales.

And what's more, third-party onlookers note that if this month's sales continue in similar numbers, the Wii could well zoom over all the high-powered next-gen consoles in eight to nine weeks or late August 2007. If rendered true, the Wii will have swatted all console race analysts' predictions to date. The Nintendo DS still outruns the PlayStation Portable, while the PlayStation 3 is slowly making its way up in its ten-year marathon.

However, numbers in Nexgen Wars have different estimates for the worldwide sales for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. So it would appear that nothing is etched in stone until the three console companies come forward with their quarterly sales numbers, hopefully at the same time they release their Q3 2007 financial performance reports.

Consoles (numbers in millions):

Xbox 360 - Worldwide: 10.13; Japan: 0.41; America: 6:47; Others: 3.25
PlayStation 3 - Worldwide: 3.61; Japan: 0.98 ; America: 1.56; Others: 1.07
Wii - Worldwide: 8.85; Japan: 2.91; America: 3.57; Others: 2.37

Handhelds (numbers in millions):

DS - Worldwide: 45.36; Japan: 18.01; America: 13.03; Others: 14.32
PSP - Worldwide: 22.34; Japan: 5.71; America: 8.58; Others: 8.05

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QuackPot3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

But it is inevitable that it will catch up and surpass the xbox 360. It is afterall cheaper and has its novel gameplay/controller.

But the real interesting thing about the chart is the slope of the Ps3 is pretty much the same as the xbox 360.....except that the xbox started its sales climb a year early WITHOUT any next-gen competition or the Wii.

Makes you wonder.....

Notice also how there was a jump in sales of the xbox 360 about a year after release when great titles like Gears of War were released.

Really makes you wonder...

Now E3 is soon upon us and great titles imminent around the first anniverary of the PS3 so.......

I wonder what's going to happen? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

PS3 SOLD ONLY 3.61 by july 2007.i thought the target was 6 million by end of march 2007 was it ?4 extra month and sony sold just over half there that goooooooooooood?
edit:wait and there is no plan for price cut currently errrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kleptic3849d ago

the 6 million by march comments were always pertaining to shipped consoles...they missed that mark by 500k...

while sales are definitely much slower than Sony has hoped, they are still sticking to their "marathon" marketing strategy...

and these numbers are different everywhere you go...especially MS...They said they "sold" 10 million consoles before the new year originally...then were called out by retailers, and were claimed to have pushed consoles onto those retail stores...where as they were saying that had plenty in stock, and MS was forcing them to take in more in order to have access to enough copies of Vista...which ended up flopping standalone wise...

either way, numbers for MS 360 sales have always been radically different chart to chart...nexgen wars had it at over 11 million not long ago (and still may) but this site is saying that just barely cleared 10 million...

the ps3 is always similar, and always low...and is already behind where the 360 was at this point in its life cycle...this fall should show how close, or how far apart, this race will be for a while...

Bathyj3849d ago

Does anyone else realise that means there are already more working Wii's than there are 360's out there? Just saying.

Ali G
I believe the target was to "Ship" 6 million by March, not sell. I know M$ get Sold and Shipped confused alot, but I didn't know it filtered down to their fanboys. ;)

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

when Microsoft announced that they shipped 10.4M XBOX360 sony CEO said" when SONY says ship they means the number of console they sell to customer while Microsoft mean the number of console they ship to retailers balh blah balh" .get your fact right
no one miss with the one = ALI GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
spiling mistakes D:


BlazeXXL3849d ago

Sony said they wanted to SHIP 6 million consoles.

nix3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

if he keeps doing there'll be more infants like Ali G popping all over the place who smells and talks nothing but sh!t!! q:

sony did say they want to "ship" 6 millions!

Kleptic3849d ago

I don't remember that...I just remember MS pulling numbers back...and whatever was said, it was at the end of April that Sony execs where interviewed and said how they missed their target shipment of 6 million by the end of the 500,000...the discussion was centered around whether or not the BD diode still hindering production...and they said it was (causing the shipments to be less than projected, but was much more of a problem at launch than at the end of the fiscal year)...and went on to talk about how PS3's should be readily available in Japan and the U.S. at that point (obviously because people are not buying them)

if you can find a source showing Sony saying "when we say shipped we mean sold to consumers", it would be great to see...but even Sony wouldn't say they sold more than double what they actually did...which is exactly what they would have done at that point...they were still under 3 million sold at that point...

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Babylonian3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I'm getting one too eventually. But now Im getting a PSP and after that a PS3. Well anyway, good job Nintendo.

It will be interesting to see how the sale charts will look like at the end of this year.

Where the fµck did you learn English man, I barely understand what you are writing. Use the spell check for crying out loud. And don't expect bubbles, before you know it you will go down to 1 real soon.

How old are you? Seriously.

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

you only get 1 bubble, i got 4 (edit :now they become 3)nananannna
@edit:up : i am 3 years old.
@edit:below : i am just having fun till the real news comes up

candystop3849d ago

Well I guess I'm the only person thats going to miss out on the Wii phenomenon! Even though this news is good for Nintendo I still just can't see a reason to purchase one! The outcome of this holiday is going to be interesting though and I wonder which console has sold the most software so far!

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