Dante's Dev: Online Co-Op Seperates Dante's Inferno from God of War - Gamervision Interview

During a conferece call with Dante's Inferno Lead Designer Greg Rizzer, we talked for a bit about the online cooperative play. After explaining why it was too complicated to patch in to the regular game, we asked why they decided to implement it into the upcoming DLC, "Trials of St. Lucia." Rizzer responded by talking about what it brings to the game, mentioning that a combo-based melee system mixed with online cooperative play separates it from other titles, namely, God of War III.

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Pennywise3186d ago

Good game verses mediocre copy cat game also separates the two. Just sayin...

SeanScythe3186d ago

but but but we have co-op that we threw together at the last minute

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Karum3186d ago

I can't say I care for the co-op DLC for DI tbh, I've still yet to finish the game and I will but for me there is nothing in the genre that comes remotely close to Kratos' epic battle against the Gods and Titans on Mount Olympus.

Daver3186d ago

The mode is not even included... God of war could release a DLC with online coop too...

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