Bing Rolls Out New Features for Spring Revamp

Microsoft introduced new features to its Bing search engine Thursday including Quick Tabs, an Answer box, and new mapping tools powered by Foursquare to deliver real-time data embedded in maps. Bing says the move represents a further departure from Google-style listing of search results and one toward what it calls a "decision engine" where Bing can intuitively deliver exactly the price, link, score, or weather forecast you are looking for.

The most striking changes to the Bing search results page is the removal of the Explorer navigation pane on the left-hand side of the Bing search results - replaced by the introduction of Quick Tabs (which are related to search queries). Another big change is the delivery of an Answer box that include a combination of reference data, most popular results, and real-time information culled from pricing engines, weather sites, and news sources.

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