Will the iPad be Jailbroken at Launch?

PC World: "iPhone hacker George Hotz claims he has developed a new untethered software jailbreak method for the iPhone and iPod Touch that may also work on the iPad. Hotz, also known online as Geohot, says in a recent blog post that his new unnamed jailbreak method is as simple to use as his previous iPhone software jailbreak, blackra1n. The new software will purportedly work on all currently jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch models.

Hotz gives no release date for the new software yet, and he did not say whether his new jailbreak method will work on iPhones running the latest iPhone update from Apple, OS 3.1.3. But his assertion that it will work on the iPad may interest those of you looking to jailbreak Apple's new tablet device. Of course, the question is: Do you really need to jailbreak the iPad?"

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Uncle Rico3186d ago

I read that a Jail Break is very close, based on the blackra1n concept.

Icyhot3186d ago

If not at launch, it will surely be jailbroken in a months time. These hackers are so damn fast and iPad being the newest and talked about gadget, the 1 that gets the jailbreaking first done will win a lot of publicity.

Will be great to see how different jailbreaking can make the device.