AMD's 25W Athlon II 250u appears in stores

Fudzilla: "Since mid-2009, we've been hearing about AMD's plans to unveil several Athlon parts with TDPs ranging from 18W to 25W. The 1.6GHz Athlon II 250u is one such CPU. It operates at 0.85 to 1.15V and it's TDP is just 25W, which is less than many mobile CPUs. Best of all, the 250u is not based around the ancient K8 core, it's a 45nm Regor part.

Although AMD has listed the processors some time ago, it took quite some time for them to appear in actual products. Asus has just announced a 20-inch AIO powered by the 1.6GHz Athlon II 250u. It is based around AMD's RX780 chipset and it packs Radeon HD 5470 graphics."

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