Microsoft might be planning a patent attack on Linux

For a while Linux fans have been waiting to Microsoft to launch an ill advised attack on their favourite open source operating system. Among the pile of quotes from the Apple verus HTC court case where Redmond is backing HTC was a strange one from Horacio Gutierrez, "Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel" who is the software giant's intellectual monopoly supremo.

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GR8 13189d ago

This is great news i have alway's hated Linux it's time for PAY BACK go Microsoft.

cyborg69713189d ago

If you were in the armed forces you would be major tool.

SeanRL3188d ago

Somebody needs to give you an award. Most active troll or something, nice job buddy, you earned it!

mrv3213188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

It's about time the underdog won...OH WAIT.

Strange thing is I'm intelligent enough to know how to use Ubuntu... your probably too stupid to install it.

I would give him -bubbles But then again... he only has one.

I am dual booting 9.1 and Vista... but slowly as Vista becomes nion unusable I am considering DBANNING it and then installing a fresh Ubuntu.... done a free OS which is more than usuable hopefully 10.1 will be out by then.

SeanRL3188d ago

He probably can't even put his pants on the right way

Bubbles for you sir.

No bubbles for GR8.

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pixelsword3188d ago

... is why Microsoft is viewed as a bully in the computer world by a lot of the people who have to deal with their shenanigans.

It even looks like the guy is putting on an imaginary ski-mask in that pic.

e-p-ayeaH3188d ago

I dont use Linux for various reasons but i dont pay for MS software there you have it ;D

sikbeta3188d ago


I have a Custom-Cracked XP OS + Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty jackalope, I have Gaming + The Most Secure OS ever


WTF!?, they can't go against Linux, there is no way they can monopolize the OS World 100%

ZootHornRollo3188d ago

i remeber when linux started the gui. and mac ran with it then windows stole every thing linux did. and isnt windows bassed off linux

Baka-akaB3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

WTH ? How could linux invent the GUI many years before Linux actually existed ?

Macs had one since at least 1983 and the first GUI was with the Xerox Star 8010 .

Unix is a totally different beast (and a proprietary one to boot) , GNU didnt appears till later, and Linux's first appearances , even later around the early 90s ...

i'm all for bashing Microsoft and windows for their crap , but let's not make up stuff neither

HolyOrangeCows3188d ago

They have a picture for people like Zoot:

Baka-akaB3188d ago

Oh you are fooling someone buddy , i'm just afraid it's yourself

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bjornbear3188d ago

the big bad bully again

isn't their image bad enough? MS brand is worth less than Apple brand for a reason...worth less than many brands world wide for a reason

people just don't like them, and rightly so...

STK0263188d ago

I find it funny that this article is assuming MS will go and collect, while all MS did was commenting on the smartphone market. Yet, despite the fact that MS hasn't announced anything yet, the article is already filled by anti-MS comments, as if they already filed a lawsuit.

Perhaps we should wait and see what happens, if anything, before claiming that MicroSoft is once again bullying everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.