Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII The Real FF For Loyal Fans?

Ben Dutka from PSXExtreme writes: While I am indeed a fan of Final Fantasy XIII, I have often spoken about my mixed feelings concerning the gameplay. Although Gran Pulse makes it feel a bit more like FFXII, the decide-everything-for-me approach to the strategy still grates on me.

Now, I've wondered in the past if this is a nod to a new audience; to appeal to the "twitch-gaming" crowd that can't sit still for ten consecutive seconds without mashing buttons. And granted, you don't necessarily "mash buttons" in FFXIII but in order to speed up and streamline the battles so there is no "pausing" or break in the action, they simplified the approach. This to me is "RPG Lite." And then you factor in the lack of traditional RPG elements fans of this franchise have come to expect. I'm not saying they're essential; I'm merely saying there's still a place for them within the role-playing community who still pine for an FF they'd actually recognize. That being said, does anyone think Final Fantasy Versus XIII might boast more of a standard RPG feel; might FFXIII be the "new FF" for a new audience while Versus be more of a nod to the veteran, die-hard fans?

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LordMarius3186d ago

I hope so but let us see more than just trailers

mjolliffe3186d ago

I'm expecting E3 gameplay videos in June Square Enix!

R_19933186d ago

I'm dying to see some gameplay from this game. Nomura said it'd be a traditional FF, and that hypes me up quite a bit.

Commander TK3186d ago

will not dissapoint. Versus is gonna kick 13's ass

blitz06233186d ago

Well XIII was intended to be the Real FF, but because of the mixed reviews it got even from the critics I hope they put more effort into making VXIII the better one

sikbeta3186d ago

2 Answers:

1· YES
2· I Hope SO

catguykyou3186d ago

I thought versus was supposed to have real time combat similar to Kingdom Hearts. How is that traditional FF?

darthv723186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Provided it remains exclusive (not saying it would go multi but you know square and M$...) then I would guarantee Versus XIII will be the REAL FF for "PS3" fans.

If it goes multi then the answer would be an obvious NO!

rexus123453186d ago

Isn't this game supposed to be an action game? hence the title FF13 versus instead of FF15

wicko3186d ago

It's an action RPG from what I've heard, more like Star Ocean possibly. Hopefully we find out at E3!

Millah3186d ago

Call me crazy, but personally I think that a "real FF" for the true FF fans would be a turn based RPG, not an Action RPG.

wicko3186d ago

I think what they are getting at is that it isn't as linear as FFXIII, that there are towns and airships and exploration to be had. FFXII was pretty close to an action RPG.

gintoki7773185d ago

preoder day 1 limited edition if there is one and thats just by seeing some trailers cmon just look at the characters and theme theres no way this game will suck

Noctis Aftermath3185d ago

I get so giddy when i think about this game, as a 22y/o male is that a bad thing?

RumbleFish3185d ago

I really don't like turn based combat, so I hope that the game will be great. But for the FF fanbase, I don't know if they will like an action RPG that much.
Obviously it will be the better game if it stays PS 3 only.

bakasora3185d ago

right.. lets wait 4 years and see it going multi platform and then lost of quality. Give me back my squaresoft! Ok I finished whining.

Alvadr3185d ago

I wouldnt say FFXIII is RPG-Lite.. Yeah they trimed away alot of the complicated stuff and replaced it with streamlined fun.

They greatest refinement I think they have done is now all your characters earn EXP while you battle, not just the ones in the party. I was so happy to see that. I really used to hate getting to the final boss in previous versions and having half of my characters super strong and they others nerfed beyond belief.

There is still so much strategy there though, there are super tough boss battles in side missions away from the story and bad asses wandering around Gran Pulse. Plenty there for the hardcore, especially if you plan to trophy ho the game. These are really really tough trophies.

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AbyssGravelord3186d ago

I really hope they have a playable version at this years E3, that would make me and I know a lot of you happy!

WildArmed3186d ago

I just wanna see this game in action.. and not be disappointed by the real time gameplay.
(and I"m not just talking about battles, but towns and NPC interaction etc etc)

Noctis Aftermath3185d ago

A playable version at e3 would be too soon, just show some gameplay footage and give more info on the story and whatnot.

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Dragunov3186d ago

I hope its not gimped by multiple disc limitations

wicko3186d ago

PS3 exclusive, so it shouldn't be. And I doubt they are in any rush to make it multiplatform either.

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