Asus' HD 5870 Matrix pixellized

Asus' has officially showed its upcoming HD 5870 Matrix card, an overclocking friendly beast made exclusively for overclocking enthusiasts.

Although it was showcased at CeBIT, next to the upcoming dual-GPU HD 5970 Ares, there were no details about the specifications or the details behind the massive heatsink on the HD 5870 Matrix.

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ATi_Elite3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Overclock this monster to 1 ghz and it will surpass a GTX 480 in performance and still use less electricity and give off less heat and cost less.

Can't wait for the HD 5890 to shut Fermi down like the HD 4890 did to the GTX 200 series. (except GTX 295)

All we need now is for developers to program physics in an OPENGL format so ANY card can do Physics and not just Nvidia. If not it's ok as ATI has company that will implement it no matter what in future games.

As Physx should be open to all and not just Nvidia.

GIJeff3180d ago

I have always preferred using OpenGL to DirectX. :)