AMD 880G Chipset Detailed

Bit-Tech: "We've got our hands on the first AMD 880G motherboard and things are looking, well, a little old hat. On the new front though first there is the SB850 southbridge - the same used with the latest 890GX motherboards - bringing native SATA 6Gbps and finally RAID 5 to budget boards: all of which are a definite bonus. Most of the 880G boards we've seen details of so far have also had USB 3 too, which isn't unexpected either.

The new 880G northbridge however, is, total déjà vu because it's yet another RV620 cored IGP - ala 785G. The "new" Radeon HD 4250" still has DirectX 10.1 graphics with 40 shaders and the same support for Sideport DDR3 memory, UVD 2.0 and just a single digital output at a time. From what we can tell, it's also still manufactured on the same TSMC 55nm process as all AMD's chipsets so there's no change in power usage either."

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