Crysis 2 release date - September 24th, says GAME

A leaked internal release schedule from retailer GAME suggests EA's Crysis 2 has a set release date already: September 24th.

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vhero3189d ago

default date that sounds like...

OtherWhiteMeat3189d ago

I agree,most major games are usually released closer to the holidays.Black Friday is huge in the U.S. and Crysis 2 being released in that time frame would create quite a buzz.

Fanb0y3189d ago

Last I heard, this was a Q1 2011 release?

Tachyon_Nova3186d ago

@ above no, EA announced a while back in some investors conference speech that it would be a forth quater 2010 game. They announced it at the same time as they stated that Dead Space 2 would be released in Q1 2011.

chak_3189d ago

cool, can't wait to go stealth in NY

yoghurt3189d ago

Does the interweb STILL listen and believe store release dates - I would have thought it would have learnt by now