New Xbox 360 300GB Hard Drive to be Announced Soon? Writes: "Today, we posted about MajorNelson confirming that USB Memory Support will be arriving to the Xbox 360 on April 6th. In the pictures that he has provided to us, we have noticed something new, a bigger hard drive.

Inside of these pictures we can see the USB Drive being connected to the Xbox 360, but we also see a Hard Drive that contains 293GB of free information. Does this mean that we will be seeing a 300gb+ Hard Drive being announced soon? I think so."

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dangert123186d ago

get the price right

because 20gb 60gb 120gb are all over priced

-MD-3186d ago

They keep increasing the size when all anybody really wants is a cheaper HDD.

I'd take a 40 dollar 60GB HDD over a 120$ 300GB HDD. I simply don't need that much space.

Convas3186d ago

300 GB?!?! What'll that cost, $200 bucks?

I like the fact that MS is trying to offer more Hard drives (Does anyone feel mandatory installs coming on?), but they're going to seriously have to drop these sucker's prices like the stock market . I'm talking No more than $120 for the most expensive HDD and even that's pushing.

MS should try to aim for having all their HDDs under $100. THEN they'd start seeing some profit.

Raf1k13186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

250GB is £79.99. I would expect a 300GB one to be no less than £89.99 http://www.strategyinformer...

GiggMan3186d ago

Soon the hard drives will cost more than the consoles.

Microsoft Xbox 3603186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Probably cost 3 times more than a 500gb HD for a PS3.

crck3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

The retail price difference between a 250 gb drive and a 320 gb drive is only $5 to $10. So expect MS to charge $20-$40 more for a price of probably $150-$170. I wish they would release a 500 gb drive so people could hack it. My 120 is filled with installs but don't want to bother to upgrade until they have a 500 gb drive.

Kind of stupid that PS3 is the system with the cheap drives but you don't have the option to install every game. While MS charges ridiculous prices but has the option. So I'm left with an 120gb 360 drive that is full but a 60 gb ps3 drive that's not even half used.

WhittO3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

lol what's the point in someone buying a 20GB anyway!

I thought the next model up would have been higher than 300GB since they already have a 250GB.

Edit: Also, for £39.88 - you can get for PS3.

ProjectVulcan3186d ago

Problem is that hard drives typically dont get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper, they just get bigger for the same money and smaller drives get phased out.

The second thing i dont understand is why anyone really needs a 300GB HDD for 360, Its not like you can store your own video content or whatever on the drive, and even installing games probably works out average of 5Gb a game. PS3 on the other hand benefits greatly from a big drive as among other things you can dump HD video onto it for playback

zeeshan3186d ago

They can release all the hard drives that they want. They can even release a 1TB hard drive but it wouldn't matter because DVD9 will always be used by the game developers as the lowest common denominator. Seriously, this won't help compete with BluRay... AT ALL!!

KingME3186d ago

Microsoft releases some news, and the first 10 comments comes from PS3 fans all with negative slants. Still curious what any of you really care. I guess it the thrill of the "hate", just can't help yourselves.

darthv723186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

his 360 is like a debug unit. After all he is trying out the newest updates before all of us so it only makes sense that his 360 is special where ours are not.

Plus, I would think it as a 320gb and not a 300gb. The amount of free space is not very reflective of the real size. For all we know he is using a 500gb hdd special made for his 360 from MS. Loaded with all sorts of game installs.

Now that is a size I wouldn't mind paying $129.99 for.

captain-obvious3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

300 GB
Well it cost a 1000$ this time ??

WildArmed3186d ago

Hopefully that means a price drop for older HDD's.
I've been meaning to pull an upgrade but dont want to dish out 100 bucks just yet

Army_of_Darkness3186d ago

come on MS! your almost reaching my 320g PS3 HDD capacity that I had a year ago;)

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The Simple Truth3186d ago

Could this be the new 320GB Natal slimline hard drive thats been rumoured of late?

Convas3186d ago

Major Nelson did say he was testing the 16GB USB system ... it would make sense for him to be testing "other" products. Oh man, I'm getting giddy with excitement. E3 could/will be beast.

BeaArthur3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I have a small hard drive (I believe it's only 20) but it's honestly all I need. I don't keep a massive library of games and I don't download an excessive amount of movies, themes, etc. so I'm fine with my small hard drive.

WildArmed3186d ago

Both my 360 n ps3 have a 60gb in them and I am perfectly satisfied with them.

I've never run into a space issue yet, and dont see it getting any worse in the future.
I install games and then delete them.. I d/l DLC, but they barely take more than a few hundred mbs.
I have alot of full games on both consoles, but still have atleast 30-20gb left.

So yeah, I can see how people are perfectly content w/ smaller HDDs.

redbadger3186d ago

What is the big deal with people wanting an insane amount of hard drive space. My ps3 is a 120 gb HD and i haven't even used half of that.

Somnipotent3186d ago

i personally like to install my games on the the 360 HDD, saves my drive, extends the life of my console, and makes gaming quieter because the drive and fans aren't on full blast. so yes, more space is a good thing.

What Would Kratos Do3186d ago

I agree.

I can't play MW2 without it being installed on the HDD.
Because the 360 is so loud you cannot hear enemy footsteps with the DVD drive spinning.

crck3186d ago

Its for people that like to install their games. Quieter, loads faster and no disc read errors.

BasilMarceaux3186d ago

Even after installing all of your games, thats way more space than needed. The game installs dont really take up that much space.

Now if for some stupid reason you want to keep all of your old game installs on there, for all the games youve EVER played, then maybe youd need this much space.

YourCall3186d ago

Perhaps instead of lying and exaggerating about how load the 360 DVD drive is, you should invest in a sound system with more than 1 watt of power. It's not the drive, it you cheap arse stereo system/tv.

Also, it's pretty difficult for you 360 DVD drive to be loud when you don't own one. Another day another D-BAG!

WildArmed3186d ago

I install every game i play.. and i have a 60gb 360.

So.. i still dont see why?

Ofc, once I'm done with them I delete then.. No point in having files for a game i dont plan on playing for a few months.

SuperStrokey11233186d ago

Ahh poor yourcall, just face it, the 360 is loud for the most part. The launch unit i had was a leafblower but the falcon i got to replace it was much better until the disc drive was really busy then it was farily loud again.

That being said my one ps3 has a much louder disc drive than my other one and my wii has the loudest disc drive of all so it may be more unit specific.

maxcer3185d ago

installing games = improved loading times

noticeable in bfbc2, initial spawn on multiplayer is quicker with the install

...and less risk of the POS hardware borking out

jkashuba073185d ago

No lifers who simply sit on their butts at their moms house and all they do is eat and play games.. So you can imagine they must have a butload of games they need to install or butload of arcade games to get.

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Queasy3186d ago

Major Nelson works for Microsoft and has access to stuff like dev kits which have larger hard drives.

Even then, bumping up from 250GB to 300GB makes little to no sense.