PS3: Price Cut For Canada $150CAD According To Best Buy Circular

Well, to make this whole ordeal of a PlayStation 3 price-drop just that much more official, a fellow Neo-GAF poster ShockingAlberto has posted a camera shot of the circular that Canadian Best Buys are using. For Canada, you can expect a price drop of $150CAD, with the new price sitting at $549.99.

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GoLeafsGo3947d ago

The PS3 retails for 659.99 CAD.

Clearly, it's just being dropped to the 20GB PS3 price, much like the rumored US price drop

Odion3947d ago

i just checked it sells for 699.99 which means with tax its 800, now it will cost around 625

GoLeafsGo3947d ago

I bought mine in December for 659.99 + tax.

They INCREASED the price?..lmfao!

ChaosKnight3947d ago

Best Buy and Futureshop rose it to $699.99 for some reason, but in my recent flyer they lowered it back to 659... hmmm. $100 is good, but come on... $500USD is $528CDN... why can't you give us a break and round it DOWN? hehe.

Odion3947d ago

ya nvm it seems to be just Best Buy really wierd

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The story is too old to be commented.