Atomic Games Announces Breach Exclusively for XBLA on Xbox 360

Atomic Games announced Breach today. Breach is a first-person multiplayer shooter that literally blows the floor out from under conventional military shooters. Breach introduces new kinds of destruction that haven't been seen in any other game, among other innovative features new to games.

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Cajun Chicken2887d ago

That certainly sounds interesting.

-MD-2887d ago

Sounds like it could be pretty cool.

Convas2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

A very intriguing concept. I'll be eying it carefully.

I haven't bought an XBLA game in a LONG time, maybe this'll change that for me.

Breach + Hydrophobia = A pretty good holdover while waiting for the bigger AAA titles coming at the end of the year.

GunShotEddy2887d ago

I'm going to *gasp* buy an XBLA game. There, I've said it. I'm not even ashamed... Seriously this sounds cool though.

-MD-2887d ago

You don't buy xbla games? There are tons worth playing.