Rare: We don't need to return to old franchises

Microsoft-owned studio sees little reason to go back to old IP – unless it can add something new to the mix

Famed UK studio Rare says its legacy of renowned franchises is not something that it needs to return to – unless the developer can find a way to swing new ideas into old IP.

Studio head Mark Betteridge told Develop that the group "would only go back to older franchises if we saw an opportunity to make the product in a different way that would do justice to [them]."

He added that there "isn't a need" to reboot those older franchises which, throughout the nineties, positioned Rare as an internationally-renowned development base.

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dangert123185d ago

well i exspect a host of new and fun ip's i dont mean natal games
and so you've killed killer instinct then ='[

MorganX3185d ago

Terrible to hear this. No Killer Instinct? Forget Rare. And no, I'm not interested in Natal Killer Instinct.

97gsx3185d ago

Someone time the death of rare as 1233pm est 3/26/2010

Motion3185d ago

I'm not even sure that any of the current members even worked on the original games.

MmaFanQc3185d ago

forget killer instinc then...

Method3185d ago

Rare has been dead for quite a long time. Their current staff isn't even 1/4th of the same team they had for Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye etc.

Highatus3185d ago

That sucks, was hoping for a Killer Instinct reboot :(

HolyOrangeCows3185d ago

RIP: Conker, good Banjo-Kazooie titles, Killer Instinct, etc.

Kushan3185d ago

Yeah, most of the team that did Goldeneye went on to create Free Radical, which (Much like Rare), Stagnated themselves into oblivion during the last few years. At least Rare's master has deep pockets, though.

But you know, I kind of agree with them in a twisted kind of way. I mean, sure, I'd love to see more Banjo and such, but I'd prefer to see something new, intriguing and original instead. And this doesn't just apply to Rare, it applies to most games companies out there - get the hint, we're all a bit tired of the same re-hashed FPSs and such that we've been getting lately, let us do something new, eh?

JsonHenry3185d ago

No new Battle Toads then. :(

Government Cheese3185d ago

Funny how Rare has completely gone downhill since trying to create new IPs. And when it does go back to an old IP, they totally F it up by trying to make it 'new' (Nuts and Bolts). All I want is a real Banjo Threeie Rare, c'mon.

sikbeta3185d ago

Is better this way if rare is going to concentrate on natal, I mean, better to remember those games from what they were rather than see how those games go downhill, you really want to see a natal-KI?

captain-obvious3185d ago

Rare is dead to me
loooong time ago

Elvfam5113185d ago

Dude not cool at all. I don't care if they exclusive to MS, but I really wanted to play a HD Killer Instinct.

Gothdom3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

some people wanted KI3... and I personally wanted another Battletoads...

shame on Rare, really, if they're too blind to know what's good for them. No wonder they've been so... ordinary lately.

boodybandit3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

but this offically closes the deal that they are done.
No Killer Instinct, Conker, Perfect Dark, Batteltoads, Banjo, sequel to Kameo, etc. So long Rare. I wish I could say you will be missed but you left us long ago.

badz1493185d ago

look at Nintendo (your former parent company) and you'll realize just how wrong your perception is towards old franchises!

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Lightel0s3185d ago

Mark Betteridge better u release a kille instinct game in xbla

-MD-3185d ago

Not what I wanted to hear but he does show interest in their older IP.

"It’d be nice to go back to these projects that have been successful in the past"

multipayer3185d ago

I think their point was, it doesn't take genius to texture update everything. That's 4J's job.

Foxgod3185d ago

Well, if they would make wonderful new ip's that wouldnt be a problem.
I am looking forward to see if they can bring an awesome new IP using Natal.

Brklynty13185d ago

Oh yes because we can all enjoy our share of "Killer Dodgeball"....

Bush3185d ago

No Killer Instinct Rare is off my list now I still have the SNES game and the N64 game aswell.

Eclipso3185d ago

Haha yea and in adition to having the console games I have KI and KI2 dedicated cabs in my basement. Believe me I want a KI3 and them put on XBL.

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