Assassin's Creed II: PlayStation Home Space Trailer

Gametrailers writes:

"From behind the scenes vids to a full-fledged tower defense game, Assassin's Creed packs a full space into PlayStation Home."

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Socomer 19793189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I checked this out last night and I gotta say its pretty dam cool.
There is a bed and a shower there!

You get eagle vision to look for clues and this tower defence game is addictive! You guys have to check it out. There are Predetors and aliens running around in there too! The space looks just like assasins creed the game and when you find the secret hideout you'll see how familiar things are.

I like it!
A great spot to game launch assasins creed 2 and "mess Around" with some wild girls in the bedroom and shower.