Rare: We will define the Natal experience

'With Natal, a lot of developers will see it as another opportunity to move into a brand new market"

Microsoft first-party studio Rare is confident that the games it's building for Natal will define the upcoming motion control system.

Rare studio head Mark Betteridge said that Microsoft is aiming to launch Natal with a software package that defines the controllerless experience – from its approachability to its core appeal.

"I suppose at Microsoft it's about, overall, having the right content from first-party studios to define what Natal is," he said in the second half of Develop's interview.

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Cajun Chicken2889d ago

"From the makers of Viva Pinata and XMB Avatar interface..."


Bereaver2889d ago

Rare "was" good, and they still "might" be, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, "has beens".

But, honestly, I hope I'm wrong. After Banjo, Donkey Cong Country, and Conker, I really hope they got something else.

hoops2889d ago

Use Natal for Killer Insticnt or Conkers and do it well...then i am sold on it

Baka-akaB2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

ohhh it's Rare that deserves my anger for that awful dashboard .. i see ... good to know .

FYI the "good" Rare isnt even in the company . The founders left quite a while ago , and even before that the key members responsible for their great fps , went on to form radical and do Timesplitters .

the current one is basically a new company under an old and famous name

Cajun Chicken2889d ago

The same interview says 'We have no need for old Ips' so, good luck on that one.

Redempteur2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

rare is a shadow of what they were under nintendo control , now they seems to have lost their touch ... i'm not waiting for anything from them now .

sikbeta2889d ago


RARE was Great in those Nintedo Days when the Guys from [FREE RADICAL] were part of the Dev Team, now I really don't know, but at least they try, is up to x360 owners by buying their games..

sikbeta2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


Double Post [?]

HolyOrangeCows2889d ago

Unfortunately, they probably will. They probably will.

From the guys who murdered Rareware and Banjo-Kazooie....

Baka-akaB2889d ago

I shouldnt raise my expectations , but if your going to disagree , then please post the staff roster of the current Rare company .

It is just a plain and simple fact that the key member are gone to other pastures.

The new blood being as talented or not , is however debatable .

edhe2889d ago

Yeah, the 'awesome' that left Rare for free radical went on to make Haze then went into administration and have been bought by crytek.

Yeah, they were fkn awesome.

*caveat - Timeplitters was fun.

Baka-akaB2889d ago

they still did did much better games like well timesplitters . One haze wouldnt erase that .

In comparison what has done Rare so far and lately without them ? Who even remember Kameo ?

Microsoft Xbox 3602889d ago

Are you guys seriously asking for a Killer Instinct natal game? LMAO.

unworthyBOZO2889d ago

Please no KI for natal they already raped poor banjo just leave KI be.

menoyou2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Yea I'm sure they said something like this when the 360 launched and look at them now. Rare is a joke these days, just like Square-Enix. They are an insult to the Rare/Square-Enix of the past. The only thing that can save their reputation now is if they make an awesome Killer Instincts 3 game (BUT NOT FOR NATAL)! *prays*

Bigpappy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

If there is one developer that M$ can rely on to make good use of Natal, that would be Rare. They have that casual niche like Nintendo. I look forward more to what they have to show than Lion Head.

Reading that article was very re-assuring to me. Rare is very confident that Natal will deliver in a convincing manner. Notice they didn't mention "Move" or the Wiimote. These guys are focused on what Natal can do and how best to implement this. I can wait for E3 to see what they will show.

WildArmed2889d ago

For a sec I thought these guys were the devs of ALan Wake, (but they are Remedy right? >.< )

Alan wake + Natal might be an interesting experience.

But E3 will tell all. This E3 will either make or break Natal (For me.. most people already hate it or love it by now)

darthv722889d ago

but I would actually like to see a grabbed by the ghoulies 2 where you actually "grab the ghoulies".

Just a thought.

EVILDEAD3602889d ago

The New Xbox experience proved that even when we were skeptical RARE hit it out of the ball park..

THIS is what RARE was made for. Let the Free boys make Haze 2 or try to bring back Timesplitters..

But, if RARE and Microsoft pull off THE compelling post waggle experience that funally moves the generation forward VIA NATAL they will be nothing short of developer of the year.

the confidence in the interview is evident..This is definately one of those 'actions speak louder than words' kind of moments

Simple..RARE develops a brilliant pack-in with every Natal that will be inserted into every newly designed or SKU'd 360 and the WII will not be the only system selling out of the stores in mass numbers this holiday.

Safe to say..alot is riding on RARE right now..will that oft-maligned M$ purchase finally pay off in spades?

Time will tell


HolyOrangeCows2888d ago

Oh, yeah, good ol' NXE.....making my old themes worthless and putting advertisement everywhere.

EVILDEAD3602888d ago

'Oh, yeah, good ol' NXE.....making my old themes worthless and putting advertisement everywhere.'

LOL @ 360 haters trying to pretend that they are so disgusted with NXE because of advertisements?

NXE blew away the old system and Im could care less that my abundance of ancient themes arent still in use..because what was gained in features from the old blade system easily outweighed anything that was lost..

edhe2886d ago


You remembered Kameo, so doesn't that make a point? I hope they make a sequel for it - as dated as the game is now it was fun.

And yes, One Haze *did* erase that - by putting the company into administration.

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xaviertooth2889d ago

rare make good games first before delving into that non-sense.

-MD-2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I really do love this company. So ridiculously excited to see what they have come up with.

I'm looking forward to the second part of that interview.

Dance2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

MS need to stop cancelling Rares projects

mittwaffen2889d ago

If you look at history, when companies get bought up they get alot of projects axed that would of otherwise went on to become better then goleneye's or worse if they were still private.

k jules2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I argee, but after MS reorganised things last year and with the opening of another Rare studio I don't think that will happen again. Probably Rare has one studio for the core games, and one for casual/Natal.

-MD-2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

From what I understand their projects weren't canceled they were just put on hold most likely for Natal's release.

Rare has a short clip of a reloading animation from Perfect Dark 2 floating around the web somewhere. If Perfect Dark sells well on xbla (which I'm sure it will) I'm sure they'll pick PD2 back up and finish it.

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koehler832889d ago

I think that's what everyone expects and is afraid of.

Inside_out2889d ago

Say what you will, but if Natal works the way they say it's gonna work...nothing out there will stop it...The Milo demo they showed, obviously not for hard core gamers...BUT...every 8 to 12 yr-old in the WORLD will want to play that game, which is rumored to be available at launch..AND...if you've been following along, Microsoft is planning a price cut...A HUGE price cut...Right now 360 is the same price as PS3, with no blu-ray or wi-fi...If the wii market comes over to 360 OR PS3 for that matter...imagine the increase in sales...

This holiday will spell out the winner this gen...IMO, 360 tough to beat...No controller and voice activated...E3 Epic battle ground this yr...

PimpHandHappy2889d ago

that doesn't sound good... Not many 1st party devs on the 360 :-)

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