Starcraft II Beta Patch 6 Out

The Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty beta was updated with patch # 6 which fixes several bugs, and issues race balance by increasing and decreasing build times and costs of certain units and buildings.

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Medievaldragon2918d ago

The Roach seems to have proven too hard to kill and its regeneration while burrowed got nerfed by half.

King Klear2918d ago

I never had any problems with it, but you don't see so much rach micro in the copper league

Leord2918d ago

That is some HARSH nerfs on Zerg.

However, making Protoss units "light" armour helps a bit.

Dorjan2918d ago

Yeah, good mirco players could keep them alive very easily.

Orphan2918d ago

Blizzard's been busy as always

King Klear2918d ago

A lot of balance changes... I'm actually pretty keen to try itout.

Orphan2918d ago

Can't go wrong with HP decrease for SCV's, the overpowered things

Cogo2918d ago

Well, only if you count all except the roach nerf.. They could have gone down in steps. Not 50% cut! :(

King Klear2918d ago

In beta, the nerfs are more radical than what they would do after the release.

Maticus2918d ago

Woo, heavy on the nerfs o,O

Terrice2918d ago

Indeed. Not much, if any, buffs in this patch.

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The story is too old to be commented.