Microsoft says sticking to Xbox 2008 profit view

Microsoft Corp said it still expects its Xbox video game division to make a profit in fiscal 2008 after announcing a fiscal 2007 charge of more than $1 billion to cover repairs to Xbox 360 consoles.

"Our goal has been to have Xbox profitable in the coming fiscal year 2008," said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices unit. "We don't think this changes that in any way."

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Rhezin3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Because they have A TON of money, this won't scratch em a bit. That's why I chose a 360 because MS has a lot of money that goes into this business and they can afford to make drastic changes/steps to make a console perfect.

Settle down alright, I'm just saying they got alotta money to develop good games.

Funky Town_TX3882d ago

I picked the 360 for games, and features related to gaming. I could care less how much money them or Sony has.

Nicosia3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

In my opinion, people are flaming each other too soon. We got some mediocure to decent games out (ok, some are AAA quality though). We as gamers should be focusing on the last 4 months. And i predict all hell will break loose. So when i finally comes down, we should be playing games and let the figures to the pro's. Last i heard gaming was meant to be fun, not a debate about figures.

solidt123882d ago

BILL " were gonna meet our goals by covering broke systems for another three years of warranty yeah" dumb a$$. I get to get three new replacement 360'S in the next three years and they think they are going to turn a profit. NOT. By 2008 the 360 will be like the dreamcast, alot of good games but couldn't survive. Too much in the red due to faulty hardware. Just start over with a redesigned 360, call it 360 slim and just save money on repairs.

BIadestarX3882d ago

hey fool! They already know what the problem is... They already have a solution to fix the problem... new xbox 360 comes with the heat sink solution... newly repaired xbox 360 comes with the heat sink solution. And yet you sudget that they redesign the entire xbox 360 again? Obviously you have no idea how much money this would cost and how it would impact them... save money on repairs? dude stick to flipping those burgers you obviously have no idea how business works.
Here is a tip (though I believe is a waste trying to explain stuff like that)... It's common practice for a company that has hardware issues to.

1) Identify the problem.
2) Replace the faulty component.
3) Give insentives to consumers already affected and cover all cost.

microsot done all those...

redesign xbox 360.... lol... wow... the level of ignorance on this site is ugly..

kewlkat0073882d ago

as your 3 points.

The thing is consumers want something to be done, as soon as something happens to their product, and in the world of businesses sh!t don't go down like that.

Myself, as a consumer that buys many "electronic" products, anything can happen under the inital warranty given by the manufacturer and after, it has run out. That's why we have extended warranties, and as well as insurance for everything.

-My ATI XT GPU card died after 1 1/2, should ATI redesign their cards? Should they have extended the warranty?(as a consumer would of been nice), but no, it all depends on the severity of the issue, and how many is affected.

-Just like a car, how many consumer complaints till you issue a recall? Whether it is 1 consumer, or even a 1000 consumers that might have the same car issues, that might not represents a major recall by the manufacturer.

OF course consumers have all the right to [email protected]#$ch, since it is thier hard earned money buying these consoles, and I have heard the horror stories. Some I believe and some that may have been bogus."Can you believe it, I'm on my 10nth Xbox360 crap". I feel for those that are OK with the Xbox360 but hate waiting for sh!t to get repaired, since they cannot enjoy what they have payed for. then again when you look at it, every electronic manufacturer treats RMS's, somewhat the same.

There is no Game Console rental, while you wait for your console to be fixed. As well as computers, stereos, radios, Ipods..etc, Hey even Apple never really fixed that issue they have with their earlier IPODS, as users would just get a re-furbished one. It took different Generations of products from them to bypass them problems.

Whether MS should of admitted sooner, than later, thats for every consumer to whine about, but now that, you will be taken cared of, what is there to whine about?

GREAT games coming out your brand new 360, repair your old one, and enjoy a console that works great, "when it works..hehe"

kspraydad3882d ago

Realistically MS would have to do some fancy accounting for that to happen.

Perhaps what he is saying is that individual xbox consoles will no longer be sold at a loss.

I don't believe the business as a whole will be profitable this year.

Or he is including ZuneBoy in this year's Xbox calculations!

PS360WII3882d ago

Power to em. Maybe that means they'll be releasing some expensive add ons?

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