The Headlines in Horror: F.3.A.R., Doom 4, Zombies vs. Guitars!

Bloody Disgusting scrounges up and discusses the biggest headlines in the horror genre, including: F.E.A.R. 3, Shinji Mikami discusses 3D horror, the possibility of Batman's Bane getting his own game, big Left 4 Dead news, Zombie Nazi target practice, and Rock of the Dead. Needless to say, this has been a great couple weeks for horror fans.

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CuddlySandpaper3184d ago

F3AR could be good as I liked the first two. Doom 4, while exciting to think about, isn't too exciting for me unless they get rid of those annoying monster closets and attach the flashlight to the freaking guns.

Oh, and Shinji Mikami BETTER do a 3D survival horror game, that would be amazing (and hopefully Vanquish is as unique as Platinum Games' last two games).

Any news on Condemned 3 yet? I loved the first two!

Cajun Chicken3184d ago

Think you'll be waiting a bit longer to hear about Condemned 3. They're made by the same developer as FEAR.