God of War III glitch results in a full arsenal of maxed-out weapons when starting a new game

A glitch has been recently discovered in God of War III in which you can start a new game with a full arsenal of maxed-out weapons from the beginning.


The glitch still works after the 1.01 patch.

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ikral2889d ago

So, its like new game +, right? There you go.

SCThor2889d ago

I mean, there is that "hidden" option if you feel that you're not good enough to complete the game normally just like i.e. Contra, but it doesn't mean is a glitch.

Fanb0y2889d ago

Eh... according to an interview (I think with 1up), I heard one of the lead developers of GOW3 stating that they tested giving the player all the weapons on their second playthrough from the start, but it apparently 'totally broke the game'.

Pillage052889d ago

Hmm...wouldn't you be able to destroy the three judges right when you got to Hades if you had all weapons?

N4Flamers2889d ago

I believe I pointed this out when the first article about this glitch came out.

If you had the cestus then you can smash the heart of gaia right at the beginning of the game. The game doesnt let you do that and you get an error for trying to destroy the judges.

garos822889d ago

when you reach the 3 judges in hades. when u have the nemean cestus before your supposed to and you smash the chains. it just freezes up at that point. it would be cool if it sent you str8 to the last boss from there :P

WildArmed2889d ago

lol only if i had found about this NG+ before I'm already through 80% of the game on Chaos mode.. >.>

Stilling in the Labby atm to save the kid.

shawnsl652889d ago

TY JERK for not putting *SPOILER ALERT* in your comment. You can go burn in hell.

garos822889d ago

there is no spoiler there bro

darthv722889d ago

I have not picked up my copy so I sure hope they don't patch this soon. I can use all the help I can get kicking zeus and the rest of the olympians arses.

Anon19742889d ago

This is kinda a no brainer. "Oh noes! There's a glitch!"

Games have historically been full of glitches that people could exploit. No one forces you to use them.

Don't be a cheater.

DaTruth2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I was just playing GOW2 recently and the second playthrough on the same level will start you with everything you had at the end!

Spoiler alert: There would also be no reason to fight Kronos, because you already have the electric weapon.

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Dark_Helmet2889d ago

I wouldn't mind doing titan mode maxed out....may have to try this and see if it works

himdeel2889d ago

...and by the way Titan mode was pretty tough. There's no way to button mash on Titan mode. It just wont work. Took me about 14-16 hours. I had a lot of idle time keeping my son entertained and fed while playing.

Raf1k12889d ago

The only problem I've had on Titan mode so far is the boss battles. You need to be more careful with the standard enemies but the only places I died repeatedly were the tougher bosses. Took me lots of tries to get past the first one.

himdeel2889d ago really have to not so much learn the bosses attack patterns but learn how to best counter their attacks and then determine the best times to strike or dodge. The regular enemies seems to strike more often and use there heavy attacks and specials more often.

bboss2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Boss battles and that son of a b!tch cerberus + satyr tag team after descending down from the labyrinth. Never in a God of War I've ever felt like throwing my controller at the TV, that almost did it for me.

Pillage052889d ago

@bboss yeah that was frustrating. Although when I finally beat it, it was like the easiest part of the game. I had a full magic bar and blades maxed out. All I had to do was go crazy on heavy attack combo on the cerberus for getting rid of the first two heads (I barely even got hit, took like 30 seconds). then I spammed the spartan army magic on the cerberus to kill him. Then down to two satyrs but they don't have any unblockable moves so that's pretty easy.

I have a feeling that won't work on chaos mode though lol. Chaos mode SUCKS. The simplest fights in other modes turn in to the hardest fights.

N4Flamers2889d ago

I just kept kicking dogs till I got my rage up to full, then I took down one head, I spammed the spartan magic for the second, then I used my rage for the 3rd and killed off the satyrs

WildArmed2889d ago

'b!tch cerberus + satyr tag team'
Yeah that was the only time i had to put the controller down and walk away for abit.
It was just too lame

beardpapa2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Titan mode wasn't too bad. Once you got the enemies (their weaknesses and strengths) and the boss movements figured out, it was really easy. Of course, in titan mode, you 'can not' button mash. That's a strategy that will not work.

Though, I found grabs and the bow to be my best weapons in titan mode. While you're avoiding hits, might as well strike back with the bow right?

aaronisbla2888d ago

use the claws of hades magic involving the gorgon, freezing the satrys and crushing them on the follow up

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BlindspliT2889d ago

it worked! lmfao! i got the trophy "maxed out"

add me and look at my trophies

AngelorD2889d ago

lol so many glitches
More replayablity!

1Victor2889d ago

this means a lot of n00bs will have the platinum for free without those agggghhh mother F*ker moments wile playing chaos mode.

peeps2889d ago

u don't need to complete it on chaos for platinum, only titan. chaos is just there to give u a hard time if u so wish :p

CrippleH2889d ago

Chaos mode is very challenging. I almost beat it but it gave me tons of horrible scenarios with enemies really wanting me dead.

WildArmed2889d ago

I'm taking a break from b!tch cerberus + satyr tag team.. but i shall complete Chaos mode! >:)

(Skipped titan so i can get the plat during my Chaos run!)

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