F1 2010's weather system "the most advanced ever seen in a game"

TVGB: "F1 2010 features "the most advanced weather system ever seen in a game," according to Codemasters.

Speaking to TVGB, Codies' communications manager Andy Gray has explained exactly how the system works and how it affects the most important part of the game, the racing. It's far from just pretty clouds."

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ryuzu3187d ago

I hope Codies pull off something cool with this since environmental conditions are a major factor - I hope there's a real world weather option either based off realtime or actual historic race conditions... Historic race weather would be nice to see if you could achieve different results with the same conditions...

However this comment is a bit light on detail - it mentions dynamic weather effects but doesn't confirm whether a race can be subject to showers or rain stopping and starting mid way through. It also doesn't mention wind modelling which makes a big difference to handling in reality.

Even so, these days many "sims" shy away from any kind of weather modelling at all (even iRacing doesn't go there) so let's hope Codies and by extension other devs start to look at this stuff.

Being good in predictable & perfect conditions is one thing, being good in changeable conditions is where the great differentiate from the good....


dangert123187d ago

arcade or sim?
i want it if its sim

ryuzu3187d ago

I imagine Codies will claim the usual range for this - Casual to Simmer are all supported via gameplay tweaks.

The reality is usually that the simmer gets screwed, and arcade players move on when they get bored and/or frustrated.

Still, not much in the way of F1 simming around right now - only this and rFactor (or the iRacing Williams at some point) to speak of. iRacing will be the best sim but only of the Williams and it's not here yet.

rFactor + F1 mod is probably already better in Sim terms than what Codies will manage but I've never liked the feel of rFactor.

The problem really is that Codies may have missed the boat for an F1 game now - the last 3 seasons is where they could have cashed in since F1 got exciting again. This season might turn out to be a return to the bad old days of processional F1 and Codies aren't releasing this until the last bit of the season either.


bradlinho3187d ago

Yeah, the attention to detail in this looks awesome. A PROPER F1 game for proper F1 fans.

Still... it's no Pitstop.

Dizko3187d ago

Whoa, I mean what else is there to say really? It looks nice in the screen shot, hopefully it's actually that good.

PS360PCROCKS3187d ago

heres a dev diary with some in game footage guys ^^ just found it, looks cool. I will definitely try the demo out just to see the graphics, codemasters make some of the best looking games ever.

irepbtown3187d ago

This seems like Gran Turismo 5, all F1 needs is if you skid on the grass and come back on the track, mud tracks will be on the road.
But even this will make me buy this.
F1 and GT5 are on my top list this year.

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