First Signs that Xbox 360 is failing? New Australian Sales Stats

Gameplayer reports on the latest user-base figures across all consoles in Australia and suggest that the Wii and PlayStation 3 will eventually overtake Xbox 360 in sales numbers.

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ReconHope4031d ago

do people consider this 2 be news?

Papacharinonanadan4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

The story reports on new userbase figures, it reports on a sales trend and it makes a few predictions based on (I presume) those trends. How is it NOT news?

MADGameR4031d ago

I told you guys from Day 1. PS3 FTW! No offense. 360 is a great system and so is the Wii and the PS3. But in reality, the truth is always revealed.

Also Known As4031d ago

This is complete BS cause we all know that foreigners love hate everything "american" and this should be no indication of how the american market (the most important one) is going to fare for the 360.

ALI G4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

how much australia counts from the total gaming industry ?i know it is way less than japan. maybe 5% while the united states which has more stable 360 sales ( over 160K week double the ps3 weekly sales)has more than 50% of the gaming industry business . Xbox selling over 160K week in US .I REMEMBER It TOOK 6 WEEKS FOR 360 TO REACH 50K in australia and 13 weeks for ps3 to reach that this mean the australian market is still very small to make change in the gaming industry

ReconHope4031d ago

i guess u have a point but all it really leads to is stupid arguments about which console is going to win the so called "war".

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sonarus4031d ago

i wouldnt say failing but good job ps3 regardless

Odion4031d ago

ok so they are loosing to the PS3 by 7000 in AU and Japan and then we look at EU which is pretty even, but then OOOO look in NA the PS3 is loosing by 80 000

MADGameR4031d ago

X Box 360 is still going to lose. It will do good in sales but PS3 will defeat it. 360 is not selling horribly. Its just the sales that will be beaten.

BIadestarX4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

The first sign of the PS3 selling better and it has to be dooms day for the xbox 360..... ok... buddy...
Specially in Australia, no disrespect for the people over there but Australia it's not considered major region.

Look at this total numbers?

Xbox 360: 181,561
Nintendo Wii: 106,538
PlayStation 3: 54,728

The xbox 360 sold 221,000 on the month of May only in the US.

That's more than the all PS3 and wii sold in Australia for every month since the wii and the PS3 were released.

Is it bad that the PS3 and the wii are selling better? No... but let's not make the impression that the xbox 360 is about to die as many fanboys would like to make others believe.

If you think Australia matter that much why it takes lots of money or even years before they get any games?

TruthHurts4031d ago

"The first sign of the PS3 selling better and it has to be dooms day for the xbox 360..... ok... buddy... "

when ever the 360 numbers get posted all the 360ers come out and say that PS3s DOOMED.

don`t give it if ya can`t take it.

Phantom_Lee4031d ago

this topic is going to get hot....and we all know why....

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The story is too old to be commented.